Book Verdict

Studies show that more books are checked out in September and October than any other time. Publishers also release more books in the fall. That’s why Junior Library Guild is now offering 14-Book Plus Categories. With your Plus Category order, you’ll receive two books in September and October—when you need them the most—and one book per month thereafter. That’s 14 total books per year per each category.

Click on the individual categories below for full descriptions.

New Plus Categories

Arts Elementary+
Fantasy/Science Fiction Elementary+
Mystery/Adventure Elementary+
Science Nonfiction Elementary+
Biography Middle+
Mystery/Adventure Middle+
Realistic Fiction Middle+
Current Trends High+
Fantasy/Science Fiction High+
Mystery/Adventure High+
Adult Crossover Thrillers+

 Current Plus Categories

chicklet_NEKplus Nonfiction Early Elementary+
chicklet_Pplus Primary+
chicklet_Eplus Easy Reading+
chicklet_Iplus Independent Readers+
chicklet_Aplus Intermediate Readers+
Biography Elementary+
Graphic Novels Elementary+
Humor Elementary+
Nonfiction Elementary+
Sports Elementary+
chicklet_Bplus Upper Elementary & Junior High+
chicklet_Cplus Advanced Readers+
Fantasy/Science Fiction Middle+
Graphic Novels Middle+
High Interest Middle+
Nonfiction Middle+
PG Middle+
Sports Middle+
Graphic Novels High+
High-Interest High+
 Nonfiction High+
PG High+
chicklet_Yplus Young Adults+
chicklet_YMplus Mature Young Adults+
chicklet_ACHplus Adult Crossover High+
Adult Crossover Nonfiction+