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The first $2,000 of the money your group receives from holding a Read-a-thon goes into a "Love Our Library" account from Junior Library Guild which will be matched at 25% up to $500 in your first year. With that money you will be able to fill your library with a year's worth of fantastic books with one simple purchase. You choose from the 73 categories of books that best fit your students and sit back and watch the steady stream of quality new books that will keep your students engaged and boost their level of academic excellence.

What is a Read-a-thon:

Read-a-thon is a simple 2 week program that allows you and your school to focus on reading and raise money without the hassle of selling overpriced products that no one wants. 90% of the money you raise goes to your group and it even includes a prize program built in to get your kids excited.