Ask the Librarian: October 2017
by Deborah B. Ford

Why don’t I see AR, Scholastic Reading Counts, and Lexile information on my newest Junior Library Guild selections?

As a Junior Library Guild member, you get the newest books so early that reading quizzes and Lexile work haven’t even been completed! Once the quizzes are made at Renaissance Learning, the JLG Processing Team updates AR, Scholastic Reading Counts, and Lexile information on each book detail page.

For those not as familiar with AR, the quizzes are based on student reading level. If it says 4.5, that means 4th grade, 5th month. You can learn more at Renaissance Learning. Books that are wordless, poetry, or interactive (choose your adventure) do not have quizzes made.

You can also search our website for books with reading quizzes. Simply go to our backlist catalog advanced search and filter under quizzes. Search from the drop down menu for AR, Lexile, or SRC and select your other choices. It’s a great way to purchase books with quizzes.

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