Beverly Cleary Children's Choice Award 2015–2017

It all began on a breezy summer morning at Jann Tankerley's home in 2001. She had invited some OEMA (now OASL) friends to discuss the possibilities of creating a Children's Choice Award for children in the state of Oregon. We mulled over the possibilities: What books should be considered, who should vote and what should the award be called. We thought about naming it after Beverly Cleary who has written books for the age that we were targeting. She had grown up in Oregon. Oh! Wouldn't it be wonderful if she would let us use her name. Jann promised to write to Beverly Cleary to see if she would agree. At the Fall conference, Jann let us know that she had a letter from Beverly Cleary giving us permission to use her name for the first Children's Choice Award exclusively for Children in Oregon. (From the Beverly Cleary Children's Choice Award Web site.)

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