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Mysteries Lurking Ahead for Middle School

By: Katie Lynch | July 29, 2021 |

We all love the thrill of searching for clues, hunting for evidence and—most importantly, solving the mystery before the author presents you with the key clue to crack the case. Plus, what’s better than telling yourself that you figured it out?

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Librarian of the Month: November 2020

By: Harlee Rozell | December 02, 2020 |

JLG’s November 2020 Librarian of the Month honor goes to Winthrop High School and their double-duty librarian + English teacher Kristel Anuszewski. A JLG member for 7+ years, Kristel caught our eye because of her dedication to teamwork, advocacy for literacy and her love of research. Here’s Kristel’s story...

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The Power of Print

By: Harlee Rozell | November 09, 2020 |

Let's face it - 2020 has been anything but normal. However, it has taught us a lot of things. Among them, patience, priorities, and, refreshingly, the back-to-basics power of print. 

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Librarian of the Month: October 2020

By: Harlee Rozell | November 04, 2020 |

JLG’s October 2020 Librarian of the Month honor goes to Friends Free Library of Germantown and librarian Kate Garrity. A JLG member for 9+ years, Kate caught our eye because of her passion and commitment to community engagement, children’s literature, and the arts. Here’s Kate’s story...

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Librarian of the Month: September 2020

By: Harlee Rozell | September 29, 2020 |

JLG’s Librarian of the Month honor goes to Washington Community High School in WashingtonIL and their inter-stellar librarian, Thomas (Tom) GrossHe's been a JLG member for 6+ years, but his passion and dedication for his library, students and community is what caught our eye. Here’s his story... 

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Librarian of the Month: August 2020

By: Harlee Rozell | August 27, 2020 |

JLG’s Librarian of the Month honor goes to North Central High School in Kershaw, SC and its dedicated team: Librarian Bambi Ferrer and her assistant Jimmy Huggins. A JLG member for 9 years, North Central High School caught JLG's eye with their dedication, innovation, and perseverance in the face of a chaotic year. Here’s their story... 

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Battle for the Ballot: Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of American Women's Right to Vote

By: Harlee Rozell | August 18, 2020 |

On June 4, 1919, the 66th US congress passed the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, which would give American women the right to vote. However, the historic moment was only a steppingstone from the rocky, 152-year battle for the ballot to a 14-month journey for the Amendment’s ratification.

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