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Curious Findings in Books

By: Deborah B. Ford | March 22, 2016 | Shelf Life

I have never been a fan of putting my hand behind a row of books. I've touched one too many nasty wrappers. It's one reason I always say "let them eat cake." If we allow them to eat, give them a food trashcan, and encourage them to exercise some responsibility, kids quit sneaking food into the library. Your hamburger paper behind the biography problem will just stop. But I digress. Today as I was doing my morning pinning (schedule your social media for consistency) when I discovered an interesting article: 15 Curious Things Found in Library Books. Considering the things I have personally found in books and behind the books, I was a smidge anxious at clicking through to the article. What I found in the article was charming. "You are perfect inside and out. Everything will be okay. I promise." is just one note that a librarian found in a book. From post-its to letters and note cards, heart-breaking letters, notes of encouragement, and "do you like me: yes or no," readers leave all manner of things in books. Good luck tokens like a four leaf clover showed up on the list. There were new years resolutions, to do lists, and even cash. Perhaps the funniest notes were warnings about the book: This book will drive you nuts! What about you? What have you found in a book? What have you left in a book? Give us a shout out at @jrlibraryguild. Send your pictures too!



Deborah B. Ford

Director of Library Outreach
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