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Tech Tuesday: Book Infographic

By: Deborah B. Ford | May 03, 2016 | Shelf Life

While pinning things you should know from my email, I was reminded that May is National Pet Month. Wouldn't it be fun to have an infographic about 9 Books about Pets for Celebrating Pet month? You see those graphics all the time on Pinterest. What are people using? Can I do it in Word? Would a table be better so the holes are filled? I asked my graphic designer, but she's a Mac girl, and wasn't sure Word would let me do it. Determined to find an answer, I opened a new Word doc. Here's what I learned. Maybe someone can, but probably not me. First I dumped in pictures. I had to shrink the size to fit the page. Then I had to format the picture. Even if that was going to work, I'm pretty sure I don't have time to create these things if that's how you do it. So, I thought, 9 Books to Celebrate National Pet Monthwhat about a table with an autofit? That works fine if your covers are the same size. They don't fit nice and neatly like the graphics you see online. And if I wanted to pin it, wouldn't I need to convert the word doc into an image? My head began to spin, so I went back to Pinterest to look at some of the images. On a few click-throughs, I learned that some are making these infographics with Canva. You can choose a template and add text over it. If you use your own graphics and other free templates you can download it for free. What I ended up making (see left) is what I made there. I can immediately share it to Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. I can also pin it to Pinterest right on the Canva page. My new problem is that when I originally dragged it to Canva, the url to the book detail was embedded. Now I can only get a static image or it goes to Canva. After following the 10 minute tech rule, I walked away. This morning I've moved on. I uploaded the Canva image, linked it to this post, and I'm letting it go--for now. You know I'll have to come back and solve the problem. P.S. If you know the solution or a better product to use, let me know. There's a Librarians Rock sticker in it for you.



Deborah B. Ford

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