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Tech Tuesday: Creating a JLG Wish List

By: Deborah B. Ford | June 01, 2016 | Shelf Life
Wish listsI'm working on a new Books for Boys and Anyone Else Who Likes a Great Book workshop, when it occurred to me: What if I had a wish list at JLG? Then I could easily add titles as I read them. Then, JLG (meaning Jeanette) could create a new list under our Themed Lists page and make it easier for you to shop for them after attending a workshop. Then I thought: I should make a video about how to create a wish list. Maybe some members don't know how. What about you? Are you using the Wish List feature? It's so easy to create and use a wish list. First, make sure you're logged into your account. (There's also a how-to video on that.) 1. Click on My Account which is a little green button at the upper right corner. 2. Scroll down to Wish lists. 3. Click Add New Wish List. 4. Name the List. 5. Scroll down your wish lists and select your new list. 6. Browse or search to add titles. As you add titles to your wish list, they will be added to your most-currently-used list. Remember to re-select which list if you have more than one active list. Stay tuned to Tech Thursday when I'll show and tell you how to use your Wish List to create a shopping list! Watch the wish list creation video to see how easy it is. You never know when that money will show up. You want to be ready!  


Deborah B. Ford

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