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Recap: Dallas ISD Librarian Summit

By: Deborah B. Ford | August 17, 2016 | Shelf Life

REad aloudIf you didn't get to attend the Dallas ISD Librarian Summit last Friday, I'm sorry you missed it. More than 200 librarians got a good dose of inspiration, affirmation, and information. Lester L. Laminack kicked us off with a hilarious and insightful chat. He literally sat in a folding chair with his legs crossed and told stories--great stories with great meanings. For example, when you read a picture book the first time, let the words and pictures wash over the listeners. Don't explain. Don't ask questions. Let them soak it up. Then read it again and pause to ponder. He talked about how we sometimes point out irrelevant details that throw a reader off. He walked through the audience and asked for input. He was honest and forthcoming. It was refreshing to be told a story, or almost a fable because all of his stories taught us a lesson. (And yes, I've already bought his new book, The Ultimate Read-Aloud Resource.) Follow him on Twitter and Facebook. I was also the booth girl, so I was able to meet many of our members (and those yet to be). Pardon me for gushing about the fall releases. It's a tissue box year and the table was full of them. Deb Goble is the rep for that area. She was delighted to hear how her librarians came to look for her. Then I taught two sessions: (Mostly Free) Info Texts and Where to Find Them and Ensuring Diversity in Your School Library. Click on the previous links to access the handouts if you missed it. I will tell you that since I left Dallas I've had more time to look at the fall titles and soooooooo many hit the diversity factor. Be sure to let me know what works for you! I'll help you toot your horn and give you that POH (Pat on the Head) that we all need. Save



Deborah B. Ford

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