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Recap: Licking County Ohio/Embracing Your Super Powers

By: Deborah B. Ford | August 29, 2016 | Shelf Life

self check outThis week I traveled an hour out of town for a couple of visits to Licking County Ohio, which is 40 minutes east of Columbus. Launching the new year, we talked about the Super Powers we need to run the library well without going bananas. We all have a Super Power. Perhaps yours is matching books to kids. Perhaps technology is second nature to you. What is your Super Power? What is your kryptonite? What are YOUR Super Powers? Adaptability: When the technology doesn’t work, or the task you delegated remains undone, you are able to adapt your work without missing a beat. Communicating: You give talks, lessons, workshops and speeches that are inspiring, educating, and informing to humans of all ages. Curating: You can locate, collect, and manage reliable information, creating online resources for everyone’s use. Editing: You have the ability to recognize grammar and punctuation mistakes at a glance, even in your own writing. Experimenting: You are unafraid and willing to try anything—at least once. You were doing science in the library long before makerspaces. Flexibility: You are able to adjust your schedule, lesson plans, or makerspace according to the needs of your patrons. Healing: You are the Keeper of Band Aids, tissues, and secret chocolate boxes.  Your power of healing extends to feelings, self-esteem, and boo boos. Infinite Knowledge: It’s true. Librarians know everything. If they don’t know the answers, they know where to find them. Insatiable Learner: You sign up for webinars, attend conferences and workshops, read blogs, participate in your state association, are active in social media, and actually read the professional magazines you buy. Joy: Happiness is a choice. You choose to be joyful and look for good. Knowledge Transfer: You help students, teachers, and parents go right to the place to learn what they need to learn. Magnetism: You are able to attract children, parents, teachers and the community to a central location and create reasons to bring them back. Marketing: Not only are you a social media whiz, you tech skills allow you to create infopics and infographics to advertise the many services and resources you provide. Match making: You know how to match the perfect book to each reader. Math Whiz: You have the enviable ability to balance the budget, add tax and shipping, and creatively move funding into appropriate categories. Mind Reading: You know what they want before they know they need it, offering new books, websites, or collaborative ideas to teachers, parents, and students. You can also identify books with vague descriptors: blue cover with a dog on it, for example. Multi-Tasking: As though you had 8 arms, you’re able to answer the phone, look up a research question, monitor a class, check out books, and smile―all at the same time. Protecting: You are able to discern outdated, obsolete information on the shelf and remove it before it misinforms the innocent. You save the children from asthma and incorrect book reports. Relationship Building: From board to neighborhood, you build bonds between the library and the community it serves. They know who you are, what you do, and why it’s important. Repairing: You are able to repair broken furniture, bookcases, equipment and technology with minimal time and supplies. You are often “While-you’re-hered” to death. Resourceful: You are able to save time and money by knowing your resources, and being willing to ask for help or delegate. (Let the kids check out their own books!) Speed Reading: You can read multiple books in a week, keeping plotlines and characters straight. Spell binding: You can capture any wiggling audience by telling stories. (You may also know to put the wigglers in the back.) Super Speed: You can check in thirty books in five minutes or less while sorting them on your book cart. Superhuman Strength: Without injuring your back, you can carry 50 pound boxes of textbooks and discards without the aid of a book truck. You gotta love a chair with wheels and a little red wagon. Thriftiness: You know a good deal when you see one. You make use of Junior Library Guild 24/7 sales, the backlist, and spend the weekend in Columbus in order to go to the JLG Warehouse Sale in the spring or fall or both. If you're interested in hearing this keynote or workshop, contact me or your account rep to set it up. We are booking now for Spring 2017.



Deborah B. Ford

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