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Zombies, Ghosts and Other Creepy Tales with Jeff Strand

By: Deborah B. Ford | October 08, 2016 | Shelf Life

Greatest ZombieOn Monday, October 3 Leslie Bermel and author, Jeff Strand chatted about his creepy works. His latest title, The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever is a JLG selection from this summer in the PBH category. JLG has also selected two of his prior works: A Bad Day for Voodoo and I Have a Bad Feeling About This. Like Leslie, I was also told not to read Voodoo in a public place. Like Leslie, I too, disregarded the warning. Having been warned I would laugh out loud, I thought I could handle it. Not so! I read it in a fine dining restaurant. Before I knew it, I was hollering (there is no better word for it) out loud and reading it to the table beside me. That was just the beginning. Brilliant. I promise you. There’s nothing else like it out there. Sadly, JLG has sold all its copies, but if you had one, it would never be on the shelf anyway. His new book is about 3 kids trying to make a zombie movie. It’s also hilarious. I was reading a PDF of it when my grandbaby Lola was on her way. I’m talking to Jeff on Twitter on my phone while I’m reading Zombies on my iPad. Finally he says, “Wait. Is this a JLG selection?!” I said, “I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.” Trust me. If you have middle or high school readers, get his books. Here are the other books that Leslie and Jeff recommended in their webcast. Be sure to check with the JLG Fall 2016 LiveBinder for additional resources for these and other chilling books. STRAND, Jeff. The Greatest Zombie Movie Ever. 272p. Sourcebooks Fire. 2016. ISBN 9781492628149. JLG Category: PBH Paperback High (Grades 9-12). STRAND, Jeff. I Have a Bad Feeling About This. 256p. Sourcebooks Fire. 2015. ISBN 9781402284557. JLG Category: PBH Paperback High (Grades 9-12). (SOLD OUT) AVAILABLE in AUDIOBOOK! STRAND, Jeff. A Bad Day for Voodoo. 288p. Sourcebooks Fire. 2012. ISBN 9781402266805. JLG Category: PBH Paperback High (Grades 9-12). (SOLD OUT) EGAN, Catherine. Julia Vanishes. 384p. Knopf. 2016. ISBN 9780553524857. JLG Category: FH Fantasy High (Grades 9 & Up). ALTEBRANDO, Tara. The Leaving. 432p. Bloomsbury. 2016. ISBN 9781619638037. JLG Category: MH Middle High (Grades 9 & Up). KIRBY, Nancy. A Taste for Monsters. 3352p. Scholastic. 2016. ISBN 9780545817844. JLG Category: MH Mystery High (Grades 9 & Up). WILLIAMS, Carol Lynch. Messenger. 288p. Paula Wiseman. 2016. ISBN 9781481457767. JLG Category: 9781481457767. JLG Category: Y+ Young Adult (Grades 9 & Up). RICHARDS, Natalie D. One Was Lost. 320p. Sourcebooks Fire. 2016. ISBN 9781492615743. JLG Category: PBH Paperback High (Grades 9-12). STROUD, Jonathan. The Creeping Shadow: Lockwood & Co., Book Four. 464p. Disney-Hyperion. 2016. ISBN 9781484709672. JLG Category: MM Mystery Middle (Grades 5-8). The Hollow Boy: Lockwood & Co., Book Three The Whispering Skull: Lockwood & Co., Book 2 The Screaming Staircase: Lockwood & Co. (SPECIAL ORDER) RITTER, William. Ghostly Echoes: A Jackaby Novel. 352p. Algonquin. 2016. ISBN 9781616205799. JLG Category: MM Mystery Middle (Grades 5-8). Beastly Bones: A Jackaby Novel Jackaby (SPECIAL ORDER) AVI. School of the Dead. 288p. Harper. 2016. ISBN 9780061740855. HIM+ High Interest Middle (Grades 5-8). WHITE, J. A. The Thickety: Well of Witches. 512p. Katherine Tegen. 2016. ISBN 9780062257321. FM Fantasy Middle (Grades 5-8). The Thickety: The Whispering Trees                 The Thickey: A Path Begins also available in Audiobook Save



Deborah B. Ford

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