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Webcast Recap: Falling for New Teen Books 2016

By: Deborah B. Ford | October 17, 2016 | Shelf Life

[caption id="attachment_3251" align="alignleft" width="300"]Fall for Teens Oct 2016 Click above to watch archived webcast.[/caption] On today’s webcast Leslie Bermel and I talked about the some of the fall forthcoming books for teen readers. From three magical children and their holy dog to a laugh out loud retelling of the story of Jane Grey, you’ll find the new releases to be worth the wait. With the addition of new categories, Biography Middle, PG Middle, PG High, and Adult Crossover Nonfiction, you’ll have even more wonderful books for your teen readers.  And remember to add some Plus categories to get even more books in the fall—just when you need them most! In addition to providing you with great selections, Junior Library Guild is building resources to help you use these titles. Check out our new JLG Booktalks to Go Fall 2016 LiveBinder. JLG BTG titles are added to our Pinterest board and tweeted out by following Deborah B. Ford. Look for book trailers and archived webcasts on our JLG YouTube Playlists. Thanks to Jeanette, BTG will now be added to the book detail page. This is a direct link to the resources in the binder. This webcast will be archived and posted on the JLG website at a later date. Your certificate of attendance can be reprinted by watching the archived video for at least ten minutes. Join us for our next national webcast on at 3:00PM EDT November 1 when Leslie will chat with Sara Pennypacker, Barbara O’Connor, and Candace Fleming. This webcast is for everyone! Here are the titles from today’s webcast. TITLES IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE GRANDE, Reyna. The Distance Between Us : Young Readers Edition. 322p. Aladdin. 2016. ISBN  9781481463713. JLG Category: BIM Biography Middle (Grades 5-8). AVERY, Tom. Not As We Know It. 159p. Schwartz & Wade. 2016. ISBN 9780553535105. JLG Category: B Upper Elementary and Middle (Grades 5-7). ANDERSON, John David. Ms. Bixby's Last Day. 300p. Walden Pond. 2016. ISBN 9780062338174. JLG Category: B+ Upper Elementary and Middle (Grades 5-7). REINHARDT, Dana. Tell Us Something True. 208p. Wendy Lamb. 2016. ISBN 9780375990663. JLG Category: CH City High (Grades 10 & Up). FLOOD, Bo. Soldier Sister, Fly Home. illus. by by Shonto Begay. 166p. Charlesbridge. 2016. ISBN 9781580897020. JLG Category: C Advanced Readers  (Grades 6-9). Correction to SLJ quote: "A tender story set in contemporary Navajo Nation, with themes that will resonate with many readers on their own journey toward self-discovery." KHALAF, Farida and Andrea C. Hoffmann.  The Girl Who Escaped ISIS. 240p. Atria. 2016. ISBN 9781501131714. JLG Category: ACN Adult Crossover Nonfiction (Grades 11 & Up). PHELAN, Matt. Snow White.  illus. by author. 235p. Candlewick. 2016. ISBN 9780763672331. JLG Category: GM Graphic Novels Middle (Grades 5-8). BARNHILL, Kelly Regan. The Girl Who Drank the Moon. 388p. Algonquin. 2016. ISBN 9781616205676. JLG Category: C+ Advanced Readers (Grades 6-9). HOGE, Robert. Ugly : A Memoir. 200p. Viking. 2016. ISBN 9780425287750. JLG Category: PGM PG Middle (Grades 5-8). NESBET, Anne. Cloud and Wallfish. 385p. Candlewick. 2016. ISBN 9780763688035. JLG Category: C+ Advanced Readers (Grades 6-9). HAND, Cynthia, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows. My Lady Jane. 512p. HarperTeen. 2016. ISBN 9780062391742. JLG Category: CTH Current Trends High (Grades 9 & Up). HALAHMY, Miriam. Hidden. 218p. Holiday. 2016. ISBN 9780823436941. JLG Category: C Advanced Readers (Grades 6-9). MEYER, Marissa. Heartless. 400p. Feiwel and Friends. 2016. ISBN 9781250044655. JLG Category: CTH Current Trends High (Grades 9 & Up). GIDWITZ, Adam. The Inquisitor’s Tale: Or, The Three Magical Children and Their Holy Dog. illus. by Hatem Aly. 368p. Dutton. 2016. ISBN 9780525426165. JLG Category: FM Fantasy Middle (Grades 5-8). BARKER, Brooke. Sad Animal Facts. 224p. Flatiron. 2016. ISBN 9781250095084. JLG Category: GH Graphic High (Grades 9 & Up). HOPKINSON, Deborah. Dive! World War II Stories of Sailors & Submarines in the Pacific. 384p. 367p. Scholastic. 2016. ISBN 9780545425582. JLG Category: NM+ Nonfiction Middle (Grades 5-8). MCKAY, Kirsty. The Assassin Game. 336p. Sourcebooks Fire. 2016. ISBN 9781492632757. JLG Category: PBH Paperback High (Grades 10 & Up). SMITH, Sherri L. Pasadena. 240p. Putnam’s. 2016. ISBN 9781101996256. JLG Category: HIH High Interest High (Grades 10 & Up). STELSON, Caren.  Sachiko: A Nagasaki Bomb Survivor’s Story. 120p. Carolrhoda. 2016. ISBN 9781467789035. JLG Category: HH History High (Grades 10 & Up).   If we only had more time… GunpowderANDERSON, Tanya. Gunpowder Girls: The True Stories of Three Civil War Tragedies. 160p. Quindara. 2016. ISBN 9780966925876. JLG Category NM+ Nonfiction Middle (Grades 5-8). BALCOMBE, Jonathan. What a Fish Knows: The Inner Lives of Our Underwater Cousins. 304p. Scientific American. 2016. ISBN 9780374288211. JLG Category: ACN Adult Crossover Nonfiction (Grades 11 & Up). Do fishes think? Do they really have three-second memories? And can they recognize the humans who peer back at them from above the surface of the water? In What a Fish Knows, the myth-busting ethologist Jonathan Balcombe addresses these questions and more, taking us under the sea, through streams and estuaries, and to the other side of the aquarium glass to reveal the surprising capabilities of fishes. Although there are more than thirty thousand species of fish―more than all mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians combined―we rarely consider how individual fishes think, feel, and behave. Balcombe upends our assumptions about fishes, portraying them not as unfeeling, dead-eyed feeding machines but as sentient, aware, social, and even Machiavellian―in other words, much like us. What a Fish Knows draws on the latest science to present a fresh look at these remarkable creatures in all their breathtaking diversity and beauty. Fishes conduct elaborate courtship rituals and develop lifelong bonds with shoalmates. They also plan, hunt cooperatively, use tools, curry favor, deceive one another, and punish wrongdoers. We may imagine that fishes lead simple, fleeting lives―a mode of existence that boils down to a place on the food chain, rote spawning, and lots of aimless swimming. But, as Balcombe demonstrates, the truth is far richer and more complex, worthy of the grandest social novel. BROWN, Skila. To Stay Alive: Mary Ann Graves and the Tragic Journey of the Donner Party. 304p. Candlewick. 2016. ISBN 9780763678111. JLG Category: HH History High (Grades 10 & Up). The journey west by wagon train promises to be long and arduous for nineteen-year-old Mary Ann Graves and her parents and eight siblings. Yet she is hopeful about their new life in California: freedom from the demands of family, maybe some romance, better opportunities for all. But when winter comes early to the Sierra Nevada and their group gets a late start, the Graves family, traveling alongside the Donner and Reed parties, must endure one of the most harrowing and storied journeys in American history. Amid the pain of loss and the constant threat of death from starvation or cold, Mary Ann’s is a narrative, told beautifully in verse, of a girl learning what it means to be part of a family, to make sacrifices for those we love, and above all to persevere. LARBALESTIER, Justine. My Sister Rosa. 320p. Soho Teen. 2016. ISBN 9781616956745. JLG Category: CH City High (Grades 10 & Up). Seventeen-year-old Aussie Che Taylor loves his younger sister, Rosa. But he’s also certain that she’s a psychopath—clinically, threateningly, dangerously. Recently Rosa has been making trouble, hurting things. Che is the only one who knows; he’s the only one his sister trusts. Rosa is smart, talented, pretty, and very good at hiding what she is and the manipulation she’s capable of. Their parents, whose business takes the family from place to place, brush off the warning signs as Rosa’s “acting out.” Now that they have moved again—from Bangkok to New York City—their new hometown provides far too many opportunities for Rosa to play her increasingly complex and disturbing games. Che’s always been Rosa’s rock, protecting her from the world. Now, the world might need protection from her. HAGUE, Bradley. Rise of the Lioness: Restoring a Habitat and Its Pride on the Liuwa Plains. 56p. National Geographic. 2016. ISBN 9781426325335. JLG Category: NM+ Nonfiction Middle (Grades 5-8). Poaching and war damaged an isolated wilderness in West Zambia, reducing its lion population to just one: Lady, the last lioness. Witness Lady's fight for survival in this evocative narrative on the decline, fall, and rebirth of the Liuwa Plains. Follow Lady as she grapples with a landscape altered by human hands and discover how both Lady and humankind restore balance to the environment. MCCORMICK, Patricia. The Plot to Kill Hitler: Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Spy, Unlikely Hero. 174p. Balzer + Bray. 2016. ISBN 9780062411082. JLG Category: BIM Biography Middle (Grades 5-8). It was April 5, 1943, and the Gestapo would arrive any minute. Dietrich Bonhoeffer had been expecting this day for a long time. He had put his papers in order—and left a few notes specifically for Hitler’s men to see. Two SS agents climbed the stairs and told the boyish-looking Bonhoeffer to come with them. He calmly said good-bye to his parents, put his Bible under his arm, and left. Upstairs there was proof, in his own handwriting, that this quiet young minister was part of a conspiracy to kill Adolf Hitler. SPRINGSTUBB, Tricia. Every Single Second. 359p. Balzer + Bray. 2016. ISBN 9780062366283. JLG Category: B Upper Elementary and Middle (Grades 5-7). Twelve-year-old Nella Sabatini’s life is changing too soon, too fast. Her best friend, Clem, doesn’t seem concerned; she’s busy figuring out the best way to spend the “leap second”—an extra second about to be added to the world’s official clock. The only person who might understand how Nella feels is Angela, but the two of them have gone from being “secret sisters” to not talking at all. Then Angela’s idolized big brother makes a terrible, fatal mistake, one that tears apart their tight-knit community and plunges his family into a whirlwind of harsh publicity and judgment. In the midst of this controversy, Nella is faced with a series of startling revelations about her parents, friends, and neighborhood. As Angela’s situation becomes dangerous, Nella must choose whether to stand by or stand up. Her heart tries to tell her what to do, but can you always trust your heart? The clock ticks down, and in that extra second, past and present merge—the future will be up to her. GALANTE, Cecilia. The World from Up Here. 309p. Scholastic. 2016. ISBN 9780545848459. JLG Category B+ Upper Elementary and Middle (Grades 5-7). Wren Baker has never felt brave a day in her life. She doesn't even know what she's afraid of, really. Only that if she raises her voice or leaves her mark or ventures too far from home, she'll risk falling flat on her face. But that all changes when Wren's cousin, Silver, walks into her life. Silver is totally fearless. Maybe that's why she's the most popular girl in the sixth grade. She dares Wren to take risks, to live out loud, to finally spread her wings. And when Silver decides to undertake the journey of a lifetime, Wren is forced to make a decision: Is she in or is she out? There's only one way Wren will ever learn to fly. It's time for her to stand at the edge of the unknown...and jump. PECK, Richard. The Best Man. 232p. Dial. 2016. ISBN 9780803738393. JLG Category B+ Upper Elementary and Middle (Grades 5-7). Archer Magill has spent a lively five years of grade school with one eye out in search of grown-up role models. Three of the best are his grandpa, the great architect; his dad, the great vintage car customizer; and his uncle Paul, who is just plain great. These are the three he wants to be. Along the way he finds a fourth—Mr. McLeod, a teacher. He is, in fact, the first male teacher in the history of the school. But now here comes middle school and puberty. Change. Archer wonders how much change has to happen before his voice does. He doesn't see too far ahead, so every day or so a startling revelation breaks over him. Then a really big one when he's the best man at the wedding of two of his role models. But that gets ahead of the story. SONNENBLICK, Jordan. Falling Over Sideways. 272p. Scholastic. 2016. ISBN 9780545863247. JLG Category:  C Advanced Readers (Grades 6-9). It's not easy being Claire. (Really.) Claire's life is a joke . . . but she's not laughing. While her friends seem to be leaping forward, she's dancing in the same place. The mean girls at school are living up to their mean name, and there's a boy, Ryder, who's just as bad, if not worse. And at home, nobody's really listening to her -- if anything, they seem to be more in on the joke than she is. Then into all of this (not-very-funny-to-Claire) comedy comes something intense and tragic -- while her dad is talking to her at the kitchen table, he falls over with a medical emergency. Suddenly the joke has become very serious -- and the only way Claire, her family, and her friends are going to get through it is if they can find a way to make it funny again. FORMAN, Gayle. Leave Me.  352p. Algonquin. 2016. ISBN 9781616206178. JLG Category: ACH Adult Crossover High (Grades 11 & Up). Every woman who has ever fantasized about driving past her exit on the highway instead of going home to make dinner, and every woman who has ever dreamed of boarding a train to a place where no one needs constant attention—meet Maribeth Klein. A harried working mother who’s so busy taking care of her husband and twins, she doesn’t even realize she’s had a heart attack. Surprised to discover that her recuperation seems to be an imposition on those who rely on her, Maribeth does the unthinkable: she packs a bag and leaves. But, as is often the case, once we get where we’re going we see our lives from a different perspective. Far from the demands of family and career and with the help of liberating new friendships, Maribeth is able to own up to secrets she has been keeping from herself and those she loves. CONTACT TODAY’S PRESENTERS Deborah B. Ford Leslie Bermel QUESTIONS ABOUT Junior Library Guild Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save



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