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9 Super Skills to Be Thankful For

By: Deborah B. Ford | October 27, 2016 | Shelf Life

promoboxes-oct2-blogLast month we started a series of blog posts about the Superpowers of Librarians. Throughout the month, we will publish new posts with ideas and strategies for improving those powers. What about you? What is your kryptonite? What are your Librarian Superpowers? Did you score awesome titles at $5 a book at the recent warehouse sale? Are you on your local board or site council? Do you watch our webcasts and read School Library Journal, Library Journal and The Horn Book Magazine? Do you use LiveBinders, Edu.Symbaloo, or Pinterest to organize your online resources? Then you have some of the 9 Scary Super Skills to be thankful for. Polishing these skills keeps you moving forward and reminds you that you have the best job ever! 1. Adaptability: When the technology doesn’t work, or the task you delegated remains undone, you are able to adapt your work without missing a beat. 2. Flexibility: You are able to adjust your schedule, lesson plans, or makerspace according to the needs of your patrons. 3. Multi-Tasking: As though you had 8 arms, you’re able to answer the phone, look up a research question, monitor a class, check out books, and smile―all at the same time. 4. Thriftiness: You know a good deal when you see one. You make use of Junior Library Guild 24/7 sales, the backlist, and spend the weekend in Columbus in order to go to the JLG Warehouse Sale in the spring or fall or both. 5. Relationship Building: From board to neighborhood, you build bonds between the library and the community it serves. They know who you are, what you do, and why it’s important. 6. Communicating: You give talks, lessons, workshops and speeches that are inspiring, educating, and informing to humans of all ages. 7. Resourceful: You are able to save time and money by knowing your resources, and being willing to ask for help or delegate. 8. Insatiable Learner: You sign up for webinars, attend conferences and workshops, read blogs, participate in your state association, are active in social media, and actually read the professional magazines you buy. 9. Curating: You can locate, collect, and manage reliable information, creating online resources for everyone’s use. Watch our website for new strategies to improve these Superpowers. Stay tuned for more Librarian Superpowers in our next issue of JLG Monthly! Save Save Save Save Save Save



Deborah B. Ford

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