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The Power of Print

By: Harlee Rozell | November 09, 2020 |

The Power of Print

Let's face it - 2020 has been anything but normal. However, it has taught us a lot of things. Among them, patience, priorities, and, refreshingly, the back-to-basics power of print.

With increased use of digital devices, kids and adults have been faced with new daily challenges like eye strain, screen burnout, blue-light damage, and e-learning overload. However, one staple of traditional learning promises reprieve: print books.

At JLG, print books have always remained centerfold. This year, we've been thankful to offer so many new opportunities to readers - like 50% off JLG Digital subscriptions and our brand new virtual JLG@Home Book Fairs - but nothing will ever beat the power of a print book in a kid's hands. Research indicates that 92% of students say they concentrate better when reading print books* - so JLG has continued to curate the best print titles around to help foster and develop your students' continued love of reading.

The infographic below is packed full of powerful insight into the importance of print materials, your JLG subscription, and print circulation during this unusual time. Use it to share with your administrators the key reasons your JLG subscription is a necessity for your readers.

Click to save and share the infographic below for more about JLG and the power of print.




Harlee Rozell

Marketing Generalist
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