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JLG Selection Named as Anna Dewdney Read Together Award Finalist

By: | April 05, 2022 |
 JLG Selection Named as Anna Dewdney Read Together Award Finalist

We are so excited to announce that one of our JLG Gold Standard Selections is a finalist for the 2022 Anna Dewdney Read Together Award!  

“In My Mosque”, written by M. O. Yuksel and illustrated by Hatem Aly is an Anna Dewdney finalist. This book is published by Harper Collins and is part of our Religious Elementary Books category for grades 2-6. It was released by JLG in May of 2021.  

What is the Anna Dewdney Read Together Award?  

The Anna Dewdney award is used to recognize one picture book every year. It aims to highlight books that are good for reading aloud and that encourage compassion and empathy. This award was created in honor of Anna Dewdney, an author and illustrator who was committed to children’s literature. Dewdney wrote and illustrated many impactful children’s books, and her spirit lives on through this award.  

You can see a full list of past award Anna Dewdney Read Together Award winners here.  

Who was Anna Dewdney? 

Anna Dewdney was an author and an illustrator, as well as a parent and literacy advocate.  

She was once quoted in the Wallstreet Journal as saying: “A good children’s book can be read by an adult to a child, and experienced genuinely by both. A good children’s book is like a performance. Reading with children makes an intimate, human connection that teaches that child what it means to be alive as one of many beings on the planet. When we read a book with children, then children — no matter how stressed, no matter how challenged — are drawn out of themselves to bond with other human beings, and to see and feel the experiences of others. It is this moment that makes us human. In this sense, reading makes us human.” 

Anna is known for her work “Llama Llama Red Pajama.” She was a New York Times bestselling author and the recipient of many literary awards. She was a committed literary advocate and speaker for many years.  

Unfortunately, Anna passed away at just 50 years old from brain cancer. The Anna Dewdney Read Aloud award remembers her legacy and contributions to children’s literature.  

How is the Anna Dewdney Award Winner Selected? 

Something very exciting and unique about this award is that librarians, teachers, parents, booksellers and bloggers are encouraged to vote for their favorite finalists for this award. That means you can vote now! Voting closes on April 4th so make sure to cast your votes.  

What other books are finalists for the Anna Dewdney Award this year? 

 The other finalists for this year include:  

“Bisa’s Carnaval” written by Joana Pastro and illustrated by Carolina Coroa 

“Chi Chi the Rescue Dog: Never Give Up” written by Elizabeth Howell and illustrated by Blayne Fox 

“Don’t Hug Doug (He Doesn’t Like It)” written by Carrie Finison and illustrated by Daniel Wiseman 

“Never Show a T-Rex a Book” written by Rashmi Sirdeshpande and illustrated by Diane Ewen 

“The Whole World Inside Nan’s Soup” written by Hunter Liguore and illustrated by Vikki Zhang 

Congratulations to “In My Mosque” for being nominated for this incredible award!  

At JLG, we pride ourselves on curating collections of books that receive awards and accolades in the literary field. We are here to help you stock your shelves with the best new books. Learn more about the services we offer here.  



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