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Happy Latino Books Month!

By: | May 25, 2022 |
Happy Latino Books Month!

Happy Latino Books Month! This month is dedicated to Latino authors, illustrators, and books and is used to highlight different Latin-American cultures in literature.  

What is Latino Books Month? 

According to the Watson Institute of International and Public Affairs at Brown University, this month is used to promote books “by and for Latinos.” Latino Books Month is sponsored by the Association of American Publishers. This observation is intended to encourage the promotion of Latino books and for these books to be read in both English and Spanish. This month is a great time to show off selections by Latino authors in your school or library.  

In the words of librarian Britney Ghee from YES Prep Southeast Elementary School, “Students must explore the world of literacy through a range of diverse book topics, characters, genres, AND authors! While Hispanic Heritage is celebrated earlier in the year, it is important for students to be reminded of the contribution Latino authors have made, whether they write books about their heritage, poetry, science or fiction or anything in between. Latino authors' books are pulled and put on display within our library to encourage students to read their books!” 

When is Latino Books Month? 

Latino Books Month is celebrated every year throughout the month of May. Latino Books Month began in 2004 and was created by the Rhode Island Latino Arts, an organization dedicated to celebrating and preserving Latino heritage within Rhode Island.  

How can I celebrate Latino Books Month?  

There are so many ways to celebrate Latino Books Month! For starters, it’s always a good idea to set up a display in your library or classroom with books by Latino authors. We recommend talking to your students about Latino Books Month and explaining why the month matters.  

Another librarian weighed in on how her school celebrates this month, “We observe Latino Books Month by organizing an essay competition and asking students from different grades to write essays on Latino culture and focusing on Latin American identity. For this purpose, special zones are established in libraries with books on Latino history, literature, and evolution. Students come into these zones for preparation and search for their desired literature. The librarians and history teachers also assist students in finding credible information and writing engaging essays. All students are required to submit their work online before the prescribed deadline. Once all essays are submitted, our senior faculty members read these essays and announce the top three position holders who are awarded appreciation certificates and prizes.” 

What JLG categories feature Latino Books?  

If you are looking to add books to your collection for Latino Books Month, JLG is here to help. Many of categories feature Latino books, voices, and stories. Additionally, here are out three Spanish-Language categories.  

This category is perfect for grades K-3. It features original Spanish titles as well as bilingual fiction and non-fiction stories. This category includes 12 books per year and is perfect for both students whose first language is Spanish and students just learning the language.  

Our Spanish Elementary Category is for students grades 3-5 and features Spanish Chapter books. The 12 books in this category are perfect for Spanish-speaking and Spanish-learning students 

Spanish Middle features titles for grades 5-8 and features 12 fiction and non-fiction Spanish titles. This category is great for both Spanish speakers and Spanish learners.  

Are you ready to add these categories and more to your collection? When you work with JLG, you will get brand new award-winning titles delivered to your door each month. This is a great way to keep your collection up-to-date and engaging to your young readers. Click here to learn more about how it works or here to browse our categories.   



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