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E. B. White Read Aloud Awards 2017

Established in 2004 by the Association of Booksellers for Children to honor books that reflect the universal read-aloud standards that were created by the work of the author E. B. White in his classic books for children. In 2006, in recognition of the fact that reading aloud is a pleasure at any age, the award was expanded into two categories, Picture Books and Older Readers.

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      When the Sea Turned to Silver

      by Grace Lin

      Feb 2017

      Intermediate Readers Plus

      2017 Finalists, Middle Reader
      $12.75  $9.75  Member Price

      Preaching to the Chickens: The Story of Young John Lewis

      by Jabari Asim

      Feb 2017

      Religious Books Elementary

      2017 Finalist, Picture Book
      $12.75  $9.75  Member Price
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