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Green Earth Book Award 2016–2017

The Green Earth Book Award is the nation’s first environmental stewardship book award for children and young adult books. Over 80 winning and honor books have been honored since 2005. The award continues to garner attention from the literary world as an esteemed award, bringing recognition to authors, but more importantly, providing the award-winning books to children.

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      Hopping Ahead of Climate Change: Snowshoe Hares, Science, and Survival

      by Sneed B. Collard III

      Feb 2017

      Nonfiction Elementary Plus

      2017 Shortlist, Young Adult Nonfiction
      $12.75  $9.75  Member Price
      Can animals that change their coat colors with the seasons survive shorter winters caused by climate change? Suggestions to reduce one's carbon footprint. Further resources. Glossary. Index. Full-color map, charts, diagrams, and photographs.
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