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Lincoln Award: Teen Readers’s Choice 2018

The Abraham Lincoln Award is awarded annually to the author of the book voted as most outstanding by participating students in grades nine through twelve in Illinois. The award is named for Abraham Lincoln, one of Illinois’s most famous residents and himself an avid reader and noted author. The award is sponsored by the Illinois School Library Media Association (ISLMA).The Abraham Lincoln Award is designed to encourage high school students to read for personal satisfaction and become familiar with authors of young adult and adult books.

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      Exit, Pursued by a Bear

      by E. K. Johnston

      Jun 2016

      Mature Young Adults Plus

      $12.75  $9.75  Member Price
      2017 Amelia Bloomer List, Top Ten
      In this adaptation of The Winter's Tale, Hermione, cocaptain of her cheer team, is drugged and sexually assaulted at camp—and becomes determined to be more than an unfortunate statistic.
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