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Edgar Awards

Named in honor of famed mystery writer Edgar Allan Poe, this award is given by The Mystery Writers of America to the best in adult, young adult and juvenile mystery fiction and nonfiction produced the previous year.

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      Bearskin: A Novel

      by James A. McLaughlin

      Oct 2018

      Adult Crossover Thrillers Plus

      2019 Nominee
      Rice Moore has found a job protecting a remote forest preserve in Virginian Appalachia and is beginning to think his troubles are behind him. But then bears are killed on the preserve.

      Zora and Me: The Cursed Ground

      by T.R. Simon

      Oct 2018

      Upper Elementary & Junior High Plus

      2019 Nominee
      When Zora Neale Hurston and her best friend, Carrie Brown, discover that the town mute can speak, they think they’ve uncovered a big secret. But it is just one piece of a larger puzzle that goes back half a century to the tragic story of an enslaved girl named Lucia.


      by Pete Hautman

      Oct 2018

      Upper Elementary & Junior High Plus

      2019 Nominee
      “Hatred combined with lies and secrets can break the world,” Stuey’s grandfather always said, and “there are many worlds, but we can only know the one we live in.” When something unbelievable happens to Stuey’s friend Elly Rose, Grandpa Zach’s words start to make more sense. Afterword.

      A Room Away From the Wolves

      by Nova Ren Suma

      Oct 2018

      Mystery High Plus

      2019 Nominee
      Sabina flees danger at home and arrives at Catherine House, a residence for girls seeking shelter. But bizarre boarders and nightmarish incidents make her doubt her sanity and safety.


      by Courtney Summers

      Oct 2018

      Mature Young Adults Plus

      2019 Nominee
      Determined to find her sister’s murderer, Sadie leaves home—and disappears. When a radio personality hears Sadie’s story, he becomes obsessed with finding her and starts a podcast.

      The Blackthorn Key

      by Kevin Sands

      Dec 2015

      Mystery/Adventure Middle

      2016 Nominee, Juvenile
      $12.75  $5.00  Member Price
      London, 1665: Master Blackthorn isn't worried when other alchemists are murdered. But his apprentice, Christopher is—especially when he realizes that Blackthorn is keeping secrets. Historical note.

      Ketchup Clouds

      by Annabel Pitcher

      Feb 2014

      Young Adults +

      2014 Winner, Best Young Adult
      $12.75  $5.00  Member Price
      In letters to Stu, a murderer on Death Row, sixteen-year-old Zoe confesses a terrible secret: she has also killed someone.

      All the Truth That’s In Me

      by Julie Berry

      Jan 2014

      Young Adults

      2014 Nominee, Best Young Adult
      $12.75  $5.00  Member Price
      Four years ago, Judith and her best friend disappeared. Two years later, only Judith returned, mutilated and unable to tell her story.
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