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Magnolia Award 2018 & 2019

A Children's Choice Award for the State of Mississippi Mission: To introduce the children of Mississippi to current children's literature and instill a love of reading. Children in grades three, four, and five, in public, private, or homeschooled settings are eligible to participate. They will read the books and turn their votes into their librarian, who will cast the votes electronically. Voting will be held in February, with winners announced at the Fay B. Kaigler Children's Book Festival.

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      The Real McCoys

      by Matthew Swanson

      Apr 2018

      Mystery/Adventure Elementary Plus

      2019 3rd–5th Grade
      Can Moxie McCoy and her little brother, Milton, form an unlikely alliance and solve the crime of the century? “Moxie’s Official Debrief.” Glossary. “Meet Annabelle Adams.” Black-and-white illustrations.

      The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

      by Mackenzi Lee

      Oct 2017

      Mature Young Adults Plus

      2019 9th–12th Grade
      Henry Montague was born to be a gentleman, but even the finest boarding schools in England haven't been able to tame his roguish passions for gambling halls, late nights spent with a bottle of spirits, or waking up in the arms of women or men. Author's note on historical accuracy.

      Lighter Than Air: Sophie Blanchard, the First Woman Pilot

      by Matthew Clark Smith

      Jul 2017

      Biography Elementary Plus

      2019 3rd–5th Grade
      Take to the skies with Sophie Blanchard—a woman meant for the air—as she discovers the incomparable sensation of flight in this beautifully told tale. Author's note. Illustrator's note. Selected bibliography. Full-color illustrations done in ink and watercolor.


      by Barry Lyga

      Jun 2017

      Young Adults

      2019 9th–12th Grade
      Sebastian Cody did something horrible, something no one—not even Sebastian himself—can forgive. At the age of four, he accidentally shot and killed his infant sister.

      Strange the Dreamer

      by Laini Taylor

      May 2017

      High-Interest High Plus

      2019 9th–12th Grade
      The dream chooses the dreamer, not the other way around—and Lazlo Strange, war orphan and junior librarian, has always feared that his dream chose poorly.

      Every Falling Star: The True Story of How I Survived and Escaped North Korea

      by Sungju Lee

      Oct 2016

      Nonfiction High Plus

      2018 9th–12th Grade
      This is the intense memoir of a North Korean boy named Sungju who is forced at age twelve to live on the streets and fend for himself. Letter from the author. A brief history of twentieth-century Korea. Glossary.

      The Wild Robot

      by Peter Brown

      Jul 2016

      Intermediate Readers

      2018 3rd–5th Grade
      Roz is a lone robot on a remote island, and the island’s inhabitants think she’s a monster. But when Roz adopts a gosling who calls her “mama,” she gradually wins over the rest of the animals. Black-and-white illustrations.

      Book Scavenger

      by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman

      Mystery/Adventure Elementary

      2018 3rd–5th Grade
      $16.99 Special Order
      Emily loves puzzles. When her family's latest move is to San Francisco—home of the Book Scavenger game's creator—she becomes embroiled in a real-life literary mystery. Author's note. Black-and-white illustrations.
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