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Prairie Bloom Book Award 2018—2019

The Prairie Bloom Book Award is sponsored by the South Dakota Library Association. Winners are determined by South Dakota second and third and grade students. Students are encouraged to read and vote for their one favorite book of the year from the master lists of titles. The books receiving the most votes from the students win the awards. A committee of educators and librarians select the books nominated for the awards.

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      Thunder Boy Jr.

      by Sherman Alexie

      Aug 2016


      2018-2019 Final Nominee
      Thunder Boy Jr. is tired of sharing a name with his dad. He wants his own name, “a name that sounds like me . . . that celebrates something cool that I’ve done.” But how will he choose? Full-color illustrations digitally created using colors and textures from “the remains of an antique house in Xalapa, Mexico.”
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