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Green Mountain Book Award 2018—2019

This is the twelfth year of the Green Mountain Book Award, a reader’s choice award for students in grades 9—12. Co-sponsored by the Vermont Department of Libraries and the Vermont School Library Association, this program is designed to introduce to high school students some excellent books for their pleasure reading. These books, to be read during the 2016—2017 school year, comprise the master list for the award to be made in 2017. Voting forms will be made available to all Vermont schools and public libraries in the spring so that young adults can vote for their favorite book. The master list titles have been selected to satisfy the reading interests of teens in grades 9—12, and include both adult and young adult books. All books on the list were first published in 2014—2015.

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      Far from the Tree

      by Robin Benway

      Mar 2018

      Young Adults Plus

      2018-2019 Final Nominee
      In this National Book Award-winning novel about the meaning of family, adopted teen Grace seeks out her biological siblings after giving up her own baby.


      by David Elliott

      Jun 2017

      High-Interest High Plus

      2018-2019 Final Nominee
      David Elliott turns a classic on its head in form and approach, updating the timeless story of Theseus and the Minotaur for a new generation. Author's notes about the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur and the poetic forms used.


      by Barry Lyga

      Jun 2017

      Young Adults

      2018-2019 Final Nominee
      Sebastian Cody did something horrible, something no one—not even Sebastian himself—can forgive. At the age of four, he accidentally shot and killed his infant sister.

      Defy the Stars

      by Claudia Gray

      Apr 2017

      Fantasy/Science Fiction High Plus

      2018-2019 Final Nominee
      In her most epic and ambitious work to date, bestselling author Claudia Gray takes readers on an interstellar journey exploring what it means to be human.
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