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Virginia Readers’ Choice Awards 2018—2019

PURPOSE: -to encourage young readers to become better acquainted with contemporary books with outstanding literary appeal -to broaden students’ awareness of literature as a life-long pleasure -to encourage reading aloud in classrooms as a means of introducing reading for pleasure, and -to honor favorite books and their authors.

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      When Dimple Met Rishi

      by Sandhya Menon

      Jul 2017

      Young Adults

      2018-2019 Final Nominee, High School Nominee

      My Awesome Summer, by P. Mantis

      by Paul Meisel

      May 2017

      Nonfiction Early Elementary

      2018-2019 Final Nominee, Primary Nominee
      $14.75  $12.75  Member Price

      A Poem for Peter: The Story of Ezra Jack Keats and the Creation of The Snowy Day

      by Andrea Davis Pinkney

      Mar 2017

      Arts Elementary Plus

      2018-2019 Final Nominee, Elementary Nominee

      Scar Island

      by Dan Gemeinhart

      Mar 2017

      Mystery Middle Plus

      2018-2019 Final Nominee, Middle School Nominee
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