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The Washington Post's Notable Nonfiction Titles of 2018

Though nonfiction may seem intimidating to some young readers, we know it can be as compelling as fiction. We do our best to select the highest quality nonfiction titles that will pique your readers' interest. And we're happy to see these JLG selections included on the Washington Post's list of Notable Nonfiction Titles of 2018.

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      Rising Out of Hatred: The Awakening of a Former White Nationalist

      by Eli Saslow

      Jan 2019

      Nonfiction High Plus

      Derek Black, son of the founder of the far-right white supremacist website Stormfront, was meant to be the new face of white nationalism. But after being homeschooled all his life, Derek attended a diverse college where he made new friends and began to question his beliefs. Author’s note.

      All You Can Ever Know: A Memoir

      by Nicole Chung

      Dec 2018

      Adult Crossover High Plus

      What does it mean to lose your roots—within your culture, within your family—and what happens when you find them?
      Nicole Chung was born severely premature, placed for adoption by her Korean parents, and raised by a white family in a sheltered Oregon town. From childhood, she heard the story of her adoption as a comforting, prepackaged myth. She believed that her biological parents had made the ultimate sacrifice in the hope of giving her a better life, that forever feeling slightly out of place was her fate as a transracial adoptee. But as Nicole grew up—facing prejudice her adoptive family couldn’t see, finding her identity as an Asian American and as a writer, becoming ever more curious about where she came from—she wondered if the story she’d been told was the whole truth.

      The Schoolhouse Gate

      by Justin Driver

      Nov 2018

      Adult Crossover Nonfiction Plus

      Source notes. Index. What rights do students have? A constitutional scholar assesses the history of Supreme Court decisions affecting public education—including racial segregation, un¬authorized immigration, economic inequality, and teacher-led prayer.
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