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Stonewall Book Award

The first and most enduring award for GLBT books is the Stonewall Book Awards, sponsored by the American Library Association's Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Round Table. Since Isabel Miller's Patience and Sarah received the first award in 1971, many other books have been honored for exceptional merit relating to the gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender experience. The Stonewall Book Award-Barbara Gittings Literature Award, the Stonewall Book Award-Israel Fishman Non-Fiction Award and the Children’s & Young Adult Literature Award are presented to English language works published the year prior to the announcement date. The award is announced in January and presented to the winning authors or editors at the American Library Association Annual Conference in June or July.

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      Picture Us in the Light

      by Kelly Loy Gilbert

      Jul 2018

      Young Adults Plus

      2019 Honor

      Ivy Aberdeen’s Letter to the World

      by Ashley Herring Blake

      Apr 2018

      Advanced Readers

      2019 Honor

      The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

      by Mackenzi Lee

      Oct 2017

      Mature Young Adults Plus

      2018 Honor

      When the Moon Was Ours

      by Anna-Marie McLemore

      Feb 2017

      Mature Young Adults Plus

      2017 Honor
      $12.75  $9.75  Member Price


      by Jenny Downham

      May 2016

      Mature Young Adults Plus

      2017 Honor Book
      $12.75  $9.75  Member Price

      Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out

      by Susan Kuklin

      May 2014

      Mature Young Adults

      2015 Honor Book, Children’s and Young Adult Literature
      $12.75  $5.00  Member Price

      Two Boys Kissing

      by David Levithan

      Sep 2013

      Mature Young Adults

      2014 Honor Book, Children’s and Young Adult Literature Award
      $12.75  $5.00  Member Price
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