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      King & Kayla and the Case of the Gold Ring

      by Dori Hillestad Butler

      Apr 2021

      Easy Reading Plus

      Geisel Honor Award-winning team Dori Hillestad Butler and Nancy Meyers return with another mystery starring lovable golden retriever King and his human girl, Kayla. Just right for newly independent readers.

      King, Kayla, Mason, and Asia are playing in the snow. Later, Asia discovers her new gold ring is missing. What happened to it? Detective team King & Kayla are on the case! With simple, straightforward language and great verbal and visual humor, the King & Kayla series from Geisel Honor Award winning team Dori Hillestad Butler and Nancy Meyers is perfect for newly independent readers transitioning from easy readers to beginning chapter books. Great for introducing mysteries and the important concepts of fact gathering, list making, clues, and analytical thinking.

      Bunbun & Bonbon: Hoppy Go Lucky

      by Jess Keating

      Apr 2021

      Graphic Novels Early Elementary Plus

      A bad-luck day turns into an epic quest in the second book in this graphic novel series starring a chipper young bunny and a fancy talking candy. Featuring zany text and heartwarming artwork from acclaimed author-illustrator Jess Keating, Bunbun & Bonbon: Hoppy Go Lucky will appeal to beginning readers who are eager to dive in to graphic novels.

      Graphix series are ideal books for even the youngest readers. With funny, simple text, unforgettable characters, illustrations that support comprehension, and approachable story lengths, these books grow newly independent readers' confidence and turn them into lifelong book lovers!

      Kondo & Kezumi Reach Bell Bottom

      by David Goodner

      Apr 2021

      Easy Reading

      Kondo and Kezumi brave new waters and adventures in the second book of the full-color chapter book series for fans of Mercy Watson and Ivy & Bean.

      Kezumi is ready for more adventure. Kondo is ready to go home. Now that Kondo and Kezumi have figured out that the map can lead to incredible places and new friends like Albert, Kezumi is eager to keep exploring and embracing the unknown. Kondo on the other hand, is tired and misses the comforts of home. When they reach Bell Bottom tempers are high, a thick fog begins to cloud over the boat making it hard to see, and they find themselves stranded.

      It will take working together and listening to each other in order to find common ground and brave these new waters.

      Too Small Tola

      by Atinuke

      Mar 2021

      Independent Readers

      Three delightful tales from a renowned Nigerian storyteller introduce a chapter-book heroine who is every bit as mighty as she is small.

      In a trio of droll stories, award-winning author and storyteller Atinuke debuts an endearing and enduring character with plenty to prove. Tola lives in an apartment in the busy city of Lagos, Nigeria, with her sister, Moji, who is very clever; her brother, Dapo, who is very fast; and Grandmommy, who is very bossy. Tola may be small, but she’s strong enough to carry a basket brimming with groceries home from the market, and she’s clever enough to count out Grandmommy’s change. When the faucets in the apartment break, it’s Tola who brings water from the well. And when Mr. Abdul, the tailor, has an accident and needs help taking his customers’ measurements, only Tola can save the day. Atinuke’s trademark wit and charm are on full display, accompanied by delightful illustrations by Onyinye Iwu. Too Small Tola evokes the urban bustle and rich blending of cultures in Lagos through the eyes of a little girl with an outsize will—and an even bigger heart.

      Lucy Lopez, Coding Star: Afterschool Superstars

      by Claudia Mills

      Mar 2021

      Independent Readers Plus

      Third-grader Lucy Lopez and her older sister Elena created the Let’s Have Fun Club, where they designed their own badges to put in a handbook and make up lists of things they have to do to earn each one.

      But now Elena is spending most of her time coding on the computer and Lucy feels left out. She decides to join the after-school coding camp in the hopes that Elena will want to add it to their Let’s Have Fun Club activities and it can be something they can do together. But when Lucy proves to be a natural, Elena is none too happy—why does Lucy have to do everything she does?

      Sydney and Taylor Explore the Whole Wide World

      by Jacqueline Davies

      Mar 2021

      Easy Reading

      Best-selling author Jacqueline Davies tells the story of two unlikely friends: Sydney and Taylor, a skunk and a hedgehog who strike out to discover the great unknown, despite how afraid they are of it. Charming full-color illustrations and a laugh-out-loud story make this chapter book perfect for fans of the Mercy Watson and Owl Diaries series.

      Sydney is a skunk and Taylor is a hedgehog, but no matter how odd the pairing may seem, their friendship comes naturally. They live happily in their cozy burrow . . . until the day Taylor gets his Big Idea to go see the Whole Wide World. From mountains taller than a hundred hedgehogs, valleys wider than a thousand skunks, to the dangers that lie in the human world, Sydney and Taylor wanted to see it all. With a map and a dream, they bravely set off, soon discovering that the world is much bigger than they realized…

      Unlikely Friends: Beak & Ally #1

      by Norm Feuti

      Mar 2021

      Easy Reading Plus

      In the first book of a series by Norm Feuti, an outgoing bird is determined to befriend a reluctant alligator. Beak & Ally is a new early reader graphic novel series perfect for fans of Narwhal and Jelly.

      Ally the alligator is perfectly happy being alone…until one day a noisy bird named Beak lands on her snout. Much to Ally’s annoyance, this chatty bird likes to sing all the time and has chosen a nearby tree to build his new nest. Even worse, he insists that he and Ally will be best friends. In fact, he has all kinds of friendship goals in mind, and it seems nothing Ally says will convince him that she’d rather just be alone.

      Nothing beats peace and quiet…except for maybe a new best friend?

      Beak & Ally is a brand-new graphic novel series by Norm Feuti, perfect for emerging readers and comic lovers alike.

      King of the Birds

      by Elise Gravel

      Mar 2021

      Graphic Novels Early Elementary Plus

      In this new early graphic chapter book series by acclaimed author-illustrator Elise Gravel, meet Arlo and Pips! With his giant-size brain, Arlo the crow can do amazing things. Thank goodness for his pal, Pips, who can remind him not to be such a show-off!

      Moving to the big city sure can be hectic for a crow on his own. Everywhere you turn—noisy humans, lots of litter, and plenty of competition for French fries! Fortunately, Arlo is a crow with some impressive tricks up his sleeve: a big brain, some great ideas, and a new pal named Pips, who helps him discover the city, the beach, and the biggest collection of shiny things ever.

      The Doll in the Hall and Other Scary Stories: Mister Shivers

      by Max Brallier

      Feb 2021

      Easy Reading Plus

      This series is part of Scholastic's early reader line, Acorn, aimed at children who are learning to read. With easy-to-read text, a short-story format, and full-color artwork on every spread, these books will boost reading confidence and fluency. Acorn books plant a love of reading and help readers grow!

      Who is that sitting in the hallway? What is itching underneath the cast? This scary story collection from New York Times bestselling author Max Brallier is perfect for beginning readers who are looking to be spooked. With simple text, creepy full-color artwork on every page, and genuine scares, these five hair-raising stories are sure to keep your reader coming back for more—if they dare!

      Starla Jean

      by Elana K. Arnold

      Feb 2021

      Easy Reading

      An uproarious, energetic chapter book series debut about a girl, her pet chicken, and a lasting friendship from National Book Award Finalist Elana K. Arnold. Introducing Starla Jean! She's full of moxie, clever as a fox, and obsessed with catching a chicken she finds at the park.

      When Starla first sees the scrawny bird wandering around, she just knows they're destined for each other. Her dad says, "If you can catch it, you can keep it," and Starla Jean is not one to back down from a challenge.

      Donut Feed the Squirrels

      by Mika Song

      Feb 2021

      Graphic Novels Early Elementary Plus

      Out of stock
      Two squirrels—and best friends—meet their match: a donut food truck! A hilarious young graphic novel perfect for fans of Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea and anyone who would do ANYTHING for a donut.

      Norma and Belly plan to start the day with some pancakes, but when Norma accidentally burns them, these two best friends set out to find a new treat. Chestnuts might be nice…but what is that delicious smell in the distance? A new food truck has parked near their tree, and these two squirrels are going to figure out how to get their hands on these “donuts” that it seems to be selling.

      Mika Song gives readers something to laugh at as these squirrels try their hardest to get some donuts while just about everything goes wrong. A fun “donut caper” graphic novel that focuses on madcap action, problem-solving, and the power of working together.

      Kondo & Kezumi Visit Giant Island

      by David Goodner

      Dec 2020

      Easy Reading

      The launch of a full-color chapter book series featuring best friends Kondo and Kezumi who find a map that leads to the wonders of the unknown, for fans of Ivy & Bean and Mercy Watson.

      Kondo is big. Kezumi is little. They lived on an island with fruit trees and berry bushes and flitter-birds and fluffle-bunnies. When a surprise bottle washes ashore, they discover a map with a mysterious message: WE ARE NOT ALONE. Kezumi wants to follow the map and explore the world. Kondo wants to stay home and pick fruit from the fruit tree and berries from the berry bushes. But once Kezumi builds the perfect boat, the best friends set sail together to see … well, they don't know!

      So begin the adventures of Kondo and Kezumi, where islands of cheese and giant mountains await. Rising stars David Goodner and Andrea Tsurumi team up for this illustrated chapter book series filled with charming quirks and unexpected discoveries. Get ready to set foot on uncharted territory with classic themes of friendship, community, and exploration.
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