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Charlotte Zolotow Award 2018

Given annually by the Cooperative Children’s Book Center, University of Wisconsin–Madison, to the author of the best picture-book text published in the United States in the preceding year. Established in 1998, the award is named to honor the work of Charlotte Zolotow, a distinguished children’s book editor for thirty-eight years and author of more than seventy picture books.

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      Little Brown

      by Marla Frazee

      Feb 2019

      Primary Plus

      2019 Winner
      Little Brown is one cranky canine because no one ever plays with him at the animal shelter. Or maybe no one ever plays with him because he is cranky. Either way, Little Brown decides today is the day to take action, so he takes all of the toys and sticks and blankets from all of the dogs at the shelter and won’t give them back. But what will happen now?
      Full-color illustrations were rendered in black Prismacolor pencil and gouache.

      Carmela Full of Wishes

      by Matt de la Peña

      Feb 2019


      2019 Highly Commended
      When Carmela wakes up on her birthday, her wish has already come true—she’s finally old enough to join her big brother as he does the family errands. Together, they travel through their neighborhood, past the crowded bus stop, the fenced-off repair shop, and the panadería, until they arrive at the Laundromat, where Carmela finds a lone dandelion growing in the pavement. But before she can blow its white fluff away, her brother tells her she has to make a wish. If only she can think of just the right wish to make…
      With lyrical, stirring text and stunning, evocative artwork, Matt de la Peña and Christian Robinson have crafted a moving ode to family, to dreamers, and to finding hope in the most unexpected places.
      Full-color illustrations created with acrylic paint and collage and then digitally manipulated.

      The Rough Patch

      by Brian Lies

      Nov 2018


      2019 Highly Commended
      Evan—a farmer—and his dog do everything together, from eating ice cream to caring for their showstopping garden where everything grows big and beautiful. One day, the unthinkable happens: Evan’s dog dies. Heartbroken, Evan destroys the garden and everything in it. Soon, the patch fills with weeds, becoming ugly with prickles and thorns, and Evan embraces the chaos and misery. When a twisting pumpkin vine reaches under the fence, he decides to let it grow. It grows and grows and produces an immense pumpkin. Drawn back to the county fair he and his dog visited every year, Evan reconnects with old friends and his pumpkin wins the perfect prize: a new pup to bring home.
      New York Times–bestselling author-illustrator Brian Lies has created a beautiful, accessible, and deeply personal story about friendship, loss, and recovery. Detailed paintings depict the changing seasons and convey great emotion. The Rough Patch is an ideal choice for those experiencing the loss of a pet or a loved one.
      Full-color illustrations created with acrylics, oils, and colored pencils.

      A Big Mooncake for Little Star

      by Grace Lin

      Oct 2018

      Kindergarten Plus

      2019 Highly Commended
      Little Star and her mother make a mooncake, but it’s not time to eat it yet. In the middle of the night, Little Star wonders: will her mama notice if she takes tiny nibble?
      Author’s note. Full-color gouache illustrations.


      by David Ezra Stein

      Jun 2018

      Pre-Kindergarten Plus

      2019 Honor Book
      Bear is ravenous when he wakes up from his winter sleep and has one thing on his mind: honey!

      Before She Was Harriet

      by Lesa Cline-Ransome

      Feb 2018

      Nonfiction Early Elementary

      2018 Highly Commended
      An evocative poem and richly colored paintings celebrate the diverse accomplishments of Harriet Tubman, as revealed by her many names.


      by Joyce Sidman

      Jun 2017

      Pre-Kindergarten Plus

      2018 Highly Commended
      Whimsical and imaginative, this poetic ode to all that is round and full of wonder inspires curiosity and wonder for this (round) little Earth we call home. Further information on why so many things in nature are round. Full-color mixed media illustrations with printed texture.
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