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Tales of Family

Our families have an incredibly powerful impact on our lives. Few topics evoke the same kind of emotional impact as family. And these titles delve into the profound connections between children, parents, siblings, and extended family members.

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      Bridge of Clay

      by Markus Zusak

      Dec 2018

      Mature Young Adults Plus

      Orphaned by fate and fecklessness, Clay Dunbar and his four brothers have had to raise themselves. When their father finally returns, Clay makes a choice that might heal their broken family.

      Summer Bird Blue

      by Akemi Dawn Bowman

      Dec 2018

      Young Adults

      Rumi’s sister, Lea, was her best friend and songwriting partner. Now Lea is dead, and Rumi is struggling to find a way back to music on her own.

      All You Can Ever Know: A Memoir

      by Nicole Chung

      Dec 2018

      Adult Crossover High Plus

      What does it mean to lose your roots—within your culture, within your family—and what happens when you find them?
      Nicole Chung was born severely premature, placed for adoption by her Korean parents, and raised by a white family in a sheltered Oregon town. From childhood, she heard the story of her adoption as a comforting, prepackaged myth. She believed that her biological parents had made the ultimate sacrifice in the hope of giving her a better life, that forever feeling slightly out of place was her fate as a transracial adoptee. But as Nicole grew up—facing prejudice her adoptive family couldn’t see, finding her identity as an Asian American and as a writer, becoming ever more curious about where she came from—she wondered if the story she’d been told was the whole truth.

      Wild Blue Wonder

      by Carlie Sorosiak

      Sep 2018

      Young Adults

      The summer camp Quinn’s family owns in Winship, Maine, was always a magical, hopeful place—but everything has changed since the accident last June.

      Anastasia and Her Sisters

      by Carolyn Meyer

      May 2015

      History High

      $12.75  $6.75  Member Price
      In this novel, Anastasia Romanov recalls her final years, as her royal family declines from governing Russia to living under armed guard at the mercy of revolutionaries. Family tree. Nonfiction epilogue. Bibliography.

      The Musician’s Daughter

      by Susanne Dunlap

      Feb 2009

      Young Adults +

      $12.75  $5.00  Member Price
      Eighteenth-century Vienna: Amid the glamour of musical court life, fifteen-year-old Theresa Maria must solve the brutal murder of her father, an acclaimed violinist. Who stole his violin, and why was he found near a Gypsy encampment, wearing a valuable pendant Theresa has never seen before? Her quest for answers soon puts her in the middle of an ongoing battle between serf sympathizers and the Hungarian nobility.
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