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Part of what makes reading so powerful is its ability to transport us to another time and place -- even a world filled with ghosts, goblins, vampires, and mermaids! Browse these handpicked titles, all featuring exciting, mythical creatures sure to spark your readers’ imaginations.

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      The Truth Lies Here

      by Lindsey Klingele

      Oct 2018

      Mystery High Plus

      Penny doesn’t believe her father’s conspiracy theories about monsters and aliens. Even when he goes missing, she’s not worried . . . until the bizarre, brutal deaths begin.

      The Ghost Road

      by Charis Cotter

      Oct 2018

      Mystery Middle Plus

      Twin girls are born every generation in the Finn family and all die young. One twin always has The Sight and can see the Ghost Road. When cousins Ruth and Ruby discover hidden family secrets, they attempt to break the killing curse.
      Black-and-white floor plan and family trees.

      Pie Girl: Piper Green and the Fairy Tree

      by Ellen Potter

      Oct 2017

      Independent Readers Plus

      The girl with the fairy tree in her backyard returns, and this time the fairies have left her a mysterious pirate patch. Black-and-white illustrations created with ink and digital painting.

      Romeo & Juliet & Vampires

      by William Shakespeare

      Nov 2010

      Paperbacks High

      $12.00  $5.00  Member Price
      In fair Verona, a truce holds between the powerful vampire clan, the Capulets, and their vampire-hunter enemies, the Montagues-until two star-cross'd lovers meet.
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