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School's back in session and JLG member librarians are starting the year with sweet selections for their shelves! Check out the popular and award-winning PreK through Adult Crossover titles that were most popular in September.

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      The Donkey Egg

      by Janet Stevens

      Apr 2019

      Read Aloud Plus

      Bear would rather sleep all day than work on his farm, and Fox knows just the kind of help he needs—a donkey! When Fox tricks Bear into buying a donkey egg, Bear can't wait for it to hatch so he can meet his new friend. But donkeys don't come from eggs! And when the "egg" finally opens, Bear gets a fruity surprise. Luckily, Bear doesn't have to face disappointment alone . . . Hare is there to help!

      Full-color mixed media illustrations.

      The Truth About Elephants

      by Maxwell Eaton III

      Apr 2019

      Easy Reading Plus

      You may know that elephants are the world’s largest land animals. But did you know that they sometimes make purring noises like enormous cats? And that their closest living relatives are the manatee, hyrax, and dugong?
      Suggestions for further research. Full-color illustrations created using pen and ink with digital coloring.

      The Terrible Two’s Last Laugh

      by Mac Barnett

      Apr 2019

      Humor Elementary Plus

      Niles and Miles are determined to pull off an epic prank before their graduation. Principal Barkin, pranking protégé, is on board, but his father, newly appointed Acting Superintendent Barkin, is decidedly NOT.
      Black-and-white illustrations.

      The Bridge Home

      by Padma Venkatraman

      Apr 2019

      Realistic Fiction Middle Plus

      Runaway sisters Viji and Ruku befriend Muthi and Arul on the streets of Chennai, India. Together, they build a shelter, and find comfort in laughter and play as they scavenge the city’s trash. Then illness threatens their survival.
      Glossary. Author’s note.

      Yasmin in Charge

      by Saadia Faruqi

      Apr 2019

      Easy Reading

      In this collection of four stories, Yasmin takes charge of some sticky situations! At home, at school, or out and about, Yasmin faces challenges head on with creativity and quick thinking. Whether she's creating a new recipe, finding a way to rescue a stuck toy for a little friend, or calming down monkeys (and classmates!), a clever solution to any problem is just around the corner!
      Discussion questions. Glossary of Urdu words. Pakistan facts. Instructions to make a paper-bag superhero. Full-color illustrations.

      The Unteachables

      by Gordan Korman

      Apr 2019

      High Interest Middle Plus

      The Unteachables roast pencil-skewered marshmallows over a wastebasket fire in room 117, but that’s not the most shocking thing. It’s Mr. Kermit—a teacher with an even a worse attitude than the students!

      Bach to the Rescue!!!: How a Rich Dude Who Couldn't Sleep Inspired the Greatest Music Ever

      by Tom Angleberger

      Apr 2019

      Arts Elementary Plus

      How did Johannes Sebastian Bach come to write his famous Goldberg Variations? It may have involved a really rich guy, a very tired harpsichord player, and a whole town of cranky villagers.
      Author’s note. Full-color illustrations.

      The Happy Book

      by Andy Rash

      Apr 2019


      Camper is happy as a clam and Clam is a happy camper. In The Happy Book, the world is full of daisies and sunshine and friendship cake . . . until Camper eats the whole cake without sharing.
      Full-color illustrations.

      How to Give Your Cat a Bath: In Five Easy Steps

      by Nicola Winstanley

      Mar 2019

      Kindergarten Plus

      Step 1: Fill the bath. Step 2: Put the cat in the bath. Step 3: Shampoo the cat. Step 4: Rinse the cat. Step 5: Dry the cat. What could possibly go wrong?

      Full-color illustrations were drawn in ink and colored digitally.

      The Big Game

      by Tim Green

      Mar 2019

      Sports Elementary Plus

      After his father suddenly dies, Danny wants to play varsity football in tribute to his dad's legacy. But his English teacher, Ms. Rait, stands in his way. Author’s note.

      Author’s note.

      The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise

      by Dan Gemeinhart

      Mar 2019

      Upper Elementary & Junior High Plus

      For five years, Coyote and her dad have been living around the country in an old school bus. Now Coyote wants to go home, and fast. How can she get her dad to drive 3,600 miles in four days—without realizing where they’re going?

      Click, Clack, Peep!

      by Doreen Cronin

      Mar 2019

      Easy Reading

      It‚s an exciting day at the farm with the arrival of Baby Duck. But how will Farmer Brown‚s animals get any sleep? All night long, it’s peep peep peep!

      Full-color illustrations.
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