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      Canyon Dreams: A Basketball Season on the Navajo Team

      by Michael Powell

      Apr 2020

      Sports High

      Out of stock
      Deep in the heart of Arizona, in a small and isolated patch of the 17-1/2-million-acre Navajo reservation, sits Chinle High School. Here, basketball is the passion. It’s a sport for winters where it can get dark fast; when there is not much else to do, the students and their parents say, but work and drink. The town has 4,500 residents but the high school arena seats 7,000. Fans drive from thirty, fifty, even eighty miles away to see highly competitive matchups that are more than just games to the players and the fans.

      Celebrated Times journalist Michael Powell brings us a narrative of triumph and hardship, a moving story about a basketball team on a Navajo reservation that shows how important sports can be to youths in struggling communities, and the difficult realities that confront Native Americans living on reservations. This book details his season-long immersion into the team, town, and culture, in which there were exhilarating wins, crushing losses, and conversations on long bus rides to and from games about dreams for leaving home or the fear of never being able to.

      All the Pieces Fit: Hilo, Book 6

      by Judd Winick

      Apr 2020

      Humor Elementary Plus

      Out of stock
      For five books, Razorwark has chased Hilo through the Universe. Now the chase is over. Find out how the epic war between Razorwark and Hilo ends in the New York Times BESTSELLING GRAPHIC NOVEL SERIES that kids and critics love!

      Being a hero isn’t easy. But Hilo had no idea it would be this hard. Hilo came to earth because he was running from Razorwark. But he’s done running. Razorwark has come to earth. And the time has come for one final face to face showdown. What happens will decide the fate of the robot world…and Hilo’s future. The sacrifice will be great. But with Izzy’s help, Hilo finally knows what he has to do. Because THIS is how all the pieces fit.

      Bones in the White House: Thomas Jefferson's Mammoth

      by Candice Ransom

      Apr 2020

      Nonfiction Elementary Plus

      Thomas Jefferson: Third president of the United States. Author of the Declaration of Independence. Obsessive prehistoric mammal hunter?? It’s true! In this little-known slice of American history, see Thomas Jefferson as never before!

      In the late 1700s, America was a new nation, with a vast west that held age-old secrets: Bones! Massive tusks and enormous animal skeletons were being discovered and Thomas Jefferson—politician AND scientist—was captivated. What were these giant beasts? Did they still roam on American soil? Jefferson needed to find out. Funding explorers, including the famed Lewis and Clark, Jefferson sought to find a complete prehistoric mastodon skeleton—one which would advance the young science of paleontology, but would also put this upstart young country on the world stage. Follow along on the incredible journey—full of triumphs and disappointments, discoveries and shipwrecks, ridicule and victory.

      The Shark Report: Benny McGee and the Shark

      by Derek Anderson

      Apr 2020

      Independent Readers Plus

      What would you do if a shark followed you home?

      When Benny learns about sharks at school, he immediately feels worried. He definitely can’t go in the ocean, because sharks live there. But even simply staying out of the water isn’t enough, because a shark named Mr. Chompers follows him home! What will Benny do?

      This humorous, highly-illustrated story is perfect for kids just beginning to read on their own. The short chapters, early vocabulary, and amusing illustrations make reading easy and fun! Exciting, easy-to-read books are the stepping stone a young reader needs to bridge the gap between being a beginner and being fluent.

      Aggie Morton, Mystery Queen: The Body under the Piano

      by Marthe Jocelyn

      Apr 2020

      Mystery Middle Plus

      Aggie Morton lives in a small town on the coast of England in 1902. Adventurous and imaginative but deeply shy, Aggie hasn’t got much to do since the death of her beloved father…until the fateful day when she crosses paths with twelve-year-old Belgian immigrant Hector Perot and discovers a dead body on the floor of the Mermaid Dance Room!

      As the number of suspects grows and the murder threatens to tear the town apart, Aggie and her new friend will need every tool at their disposal—including their insatiable curiosity, deductive skills and not a little help from their friends—to solve the case before Aggie’s beloved dance instructor is charged with a crime Aggie is sure she didn’t commit.

      Filled with mystery, adventure, an unforgettable heroine and several helpings of tea and sweets, The Body Under the Piano is the clever debut of a new series for middle-grade readers and Christie and Poirot fans everywhere, from a Governor General’s Award-nominated author of historical fiction for children.

      Wild Honey from the Moon

      by Kenneth Kraegel

      Apr 2020

      Easy Reading

      On a cold winter's eve, deep in the woods, a mother shrew frets about her sick young son. His head is cold and his feet are hot, and there is only one thing that can cure him: wild honey from the moon. Mother Shrew does not stop to wonder how she will make such an impossible journey. Instead, she grabs her trusty red umbrella, gives her darling son a kiss, and sets out into the unknown. Along the way, Mother Shrew encounters one obstacle after another, from a malevolent owl to a herd of restless "night mares" to an island humming with angry bees. But each can prove no match for a mother on a mission.

      From the mind of the uniquely talented Kenneth Kraegel comes an utterly original ode to the limitlessness of maternal love.

      As It Is in Heaven: A Collection of Prayers for All Ages

      by Éric Puybaret

      Apr 2020

      Religious Books Elementary

      Éric Puybaret’s atmospheric paintings illuminate classic Christian prayers, drawn from over two thousand years of faith. Selections include the Apostles’ Creed, the Magnificat, and the Lord’s Prayer, as well as prayers from St. Francis, St. Augustine, and St. Bernard of Clairvaux. Each contemplative pairing of text and art invites readers to find new meaning in familiar words.

      This book is an opportunity to introduce—or rediscover—words that have been prayed by people around the world for centuries.

      Henry and Bea

      by Jessixa Bagley

      Apr 2020

      Character Building Elementary

      Henry and Bea have always been inseparable…until one day Henry suddenly stops talking to Bea. He won't chat with her in class, and he won't sit with her at lunch. Bea can tell something's going on, and she's determined to find out what it is.

      Then their teacher announces that the class is taking a field trip to a farm, and Bea hopes that this might be her chance to reconnect with Henry. When Henry finds an old cat collar at the farm and starts to cry, he finally reveals his secret to Bea: his cat Buddy died last week. And even though it's hard for both of them, Bea knows that she'll be there for Henry, as his best friend, no matter what.

      Honeybee: The Busy Life of Apis Mellifera

      by Candace Fleming

      Apr 2020

      Nonfiction Early Elementary

      Beginning at birth, the honeybee emerges through the wax cap of her cell and is driven to protect and take care of her hive. She cleans the nursery and feeds the larvae and the queen. But is she strong enough to fly? Not yet! She builds wax comb to store honey, and transfers pollen from other bees into the storage. She defends the hive from invaders. Apis accomplishes all of this before beginning her life outdoors as an adventurer, seeking nectar to bring back to her hive.

      Get up close and personal with Apis, one honeybee, as she embarks on her journey through life, complete with exquisitely detailed illustrations.

      Leaving Lymon

      by Lesa Cline-Ransome

      Apr 2020

      Realistic Fiction Middle Plus

      Lymon’s father is, for the time being, at Parchman Farm—the Mississippi State Penitentiary—and his mother, whom he doesn’t remember all that much, has moved North. Fortunately, Lymon is being raised by his loving grandparents. Together, Lymon and his grandpops share a love of music, spending late summer nights playing the guitar. But Lymon’s world as he knows it is about to dissolve. He will be sent on a journey to two Northern cities far from the country life he loves—and the version of himself he knows.

      In this companion novel to the Coretta Scott King Honor-wining Finding Langston, readers will see a new side of the bully Lymon in this story of an angry boy whose raw talent, resilience, and devotion to music help point him in a new direction.


      by Polly Farquhar

      Apr 2020

      PG Middle Plus

      After a tornado tears the roof of the school cafeteria, and Itch’s mother goes on a two-month business trip in China, Itch’s sixth grade year begins badly—particularly because he can’t do fractions. At least he has his job at the pheasant farm, and the guys at school and Sydney to hang out with when he’s not working. But when trading school lunches goes wrong and Sydney gets rushed away in an ambulance, Itch thinks it’s his fault. When you suddenly don’t have any friends, would you do anything—even things that are wrong—to get them back?

      I Voted: Making a Choice Makes a Difference

      by Mark Shulman

      Apr 2020

      Nonfiction Early Elementary Plus

      I Voted explains the concept of choosing, individually and as a group, from making a simple choice—Which do you like better, apples or oranges—to selecting a class pet, to even more complicated decisions, like electing community representatives. You may not always get want you want, but there are strategies to better your odds! Serge Bloch’s effortless and charming illustrations, paired with Mark Shulman’s funny and timely text, create a perfect resource for discussing current events with your children.
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