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We know many of your readers are interested in titles written in Spanish, so we've put together this special list!

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      Yo, Frida y el secreto del anil lo pavo real (Me, Frida, and the Secret of the Peacock Ring)

      by Angela Cervantes

      Jul 2018

      Spanish Middle

      While visiting Mexico City, Paloma agrees to help find a ring that once belonged to la artista Frida Kahlo. But do her new friends really want el anillo, or are they after something else entirely?

      Lola (Islandborn Spanish edition)

      by Junot Díaz

      Jun 2018

      Primary Spanish

      Lola is a celebration of creativity, diversity, and our imagination's boundless ability to connect us—to our families, to our past and to ourselves.

      La Frontera: El viaje con papá / My Journey with Papa

      by Alfredo Alva

      Jun 2018

      Spanish Elementary

      When Alfredo's father can no longer feed his family in Mexico, he takes Alfredo on a daring journey to find a new life, across la frontera to Texas.

      Miguel y su valiente caballero: El joven Cervantes sueña a don Quijote (Miguel’s Brave Knight: Young Cervantes and His Dream of Don Quixote)

      by Magarita Engle

      May 2018

      Spanish Elementary

      This fictionalized first-person biography in verse of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra follows the early years of the child who grows up to pen Don Quixote, the first modern novel. Author’s note. Illustrator’s note. Historical and biographical notes. Full-color illustrations rendered in pen and ink and watercolor.

      La sombrilla roja (The Red Umbrella)

      by Christina Díaz Gonzalez

      Mar 2018

      Spanish Middle

      $12.00  $11.50  Member Price
      This novel is based on the real events of Operation Pedro Pan, where over 14,000 Cuban children were sent to the United Sates between 1960–1962. Author’s note.

      Dennis Chávez: El primer senador hispano de los Estados Unidos (Dennis Chávez: The First Hispanic US Senator)

      by Cissie Coy

      Feb 2018

      Spanish Middle

      $12.00  $11.50  Member Price
      Written by Dennis Chávez's granddaughter, this book will give young readers an eye-opening look at the difficulties faced by non-whites and the intolerance that is still an issue today.

      Poemas familiares para cada día de la semana / Family Poems for Every Day of the Week

      by Francisco X. Alarcón

      Feb 2018

      Spanish Elementary

      $12.00  $11.50  Member Price
      This bilingual collection of poetry celebrates the days of the week and everyday childhood experiences.

      Tlacuache, ladrón del fuego (Opossum, Fire Thief)

      by Ana Paula Ojeda

      Feb 2018

      Primary Spanish


      Agua, Agüita / Water, Little Water

      by Jorge Argueta

      Jan 2018

      Primary Spanish

      This beautiful, poetic ode to the life-giving force of water,describes in English, Spanish, and Nahuat the life cycle of water from the perspective of one drop, My name / is water / but everyone / calls me Little Water.
      Trilingual: English, Spanish, Nahuat

      Mi vida feliz (My Happy Life)

      by Rose Lagercrantz

      Oct 2017

      Spanish Elementary

      $12.75  $11.50  Member Price
      Dani lives a happy life, but as the start of the school year approaches, she begins to wonder whether things will change. Will she like her new teacher? Will she make friends? Black-and-white illustrations.

      Martí’s Song for Freedom / Martí y sus versos por la libertad

      by Emma Otheguy

      Sep 2017

      Primary Spanish

      A bilingual biography of José Martí, who dedicated his life to the promotion of liberty, the abolishment of slavery, political independence for Cuba, and intellectual freedom. Afterword. Author's note. Excerpts from Versos sencillos. Selected bibliography. Quotation source. Full-color gouache illustrations.

      ¡Bravo!: Poemas sobre Hispanos Extraordinarios (Bravo!: Poems About Amazing Hispanics)

      by Margarita Engle

      Jun 2017

      Primary Spanish

      Bold, graphic portraits and beautiful poems present famous and lesser­known Latinos from varied backgrounds who have faced life's challenges in creative ways. Spanish language edition. Author's note. Other extraordinary Latinos. Further information about the people in the book. Full-color illustrations.
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