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Sports can be fun and exciting, and stories based on sports are often excellent vehicles for exploring larger life lessons. With that in mind, we put together this list of sports titles.

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      Power Forward: Zayd Saleem, Chasing the Dream

      by Hena Khan

      Sep 2018

      Sports Elementary Plus

      Fourth-grader Zayd Saleem wants to make the Gold Team. But his Pakistani American parents want him to practice his violin. Can he balance both basketball and violin?
      Black-and-white illustrations.


      by Maura Ellen Stokes

      Sep 2018

      Sports High

      After Sam’s best friend, Reagan, suddenly dies from a heart defect, Sam struggles to focus on school and basketball without her. But then Reagan reappears.


      by Jason Reynolds

      Sep 2018

      Sports Middle Plus

      Sunny’s mother died giving birth to him. Sunny’s father blames him for her death. Track is the only connection between father and son; what will happen when Sunny quits?


      by Brendan Kiely

      Jul 2018

      Sports High

      Prestigious. Powerful. Privileged. This is Fullbrook Academy, an elite prep school where history looms in the leafy branches over its brick walkways. But some traditions upheld in its hallowed halls are profoundly dangerous.

      Beep: Inside the Unseen World of Baseball for the Blind

      by David Wanczyk

      May 2018

      Sports High

      With balls tricked out to beep three times per second like a troubling EKG and with bases that buzz, beep baseball is both innovative and intensely competitive. List of Beep Baseball World Series champions. Index. Black-and-white photo insert.

      A Taxonomy of Love

      by Rachael Allen

      Apr 2018

      Sports High

      A rookie in wrestling and in love, Spence seeks to classify his relationship with his new neighbor, Hope. He finds that sometimes what makes life rich and beautiful is beyond definition. Black-and-white diagrams.

      Tamba Hali: Real Sports Content Network Presents

      by David Seigerman

      Mar 2018

      Sports Middle Plus

      Tamba Hali is a linebacker on the Kansas City Chiefs. As a child, he and his seven siblings fled war-torn Liberia to the Ivory Coast, and later came to New Jersey. Epilogue.

      A Short History of the Girl Next Door

      by Jared Reck

      Feb 2018

      Sports High

      From debut author Jared Reck comes a fiercely funny and heart-wrenching novel about love, longing, and what happens when life as you know it changes in an instant.

      Serena Williams: Legends in Sports

      by Matt Christopher

      Nov 2017

      Sports Middle Plus

      Discover the amazing achievements of sports legend Serena Williams—on and off the tennis court—in this exciting new biography. Career highlights. Black-and-white photographs.

      Inside Hudson Pickle

      by Yolanda Ridge

      Oct 2017

      Sports Middle Plus

      Cut from AAA hockey last season, seventh­grader Hudson Pickle needs to make the basketball team this year. But, after having an asthma attack at the first tryout, his chances aren't looking good.

      Andreo’s Race

      by Pam Withers

      Apr 2015

      Sports High

      $12.75  $5.00  Member Price
      In his native Bolivia for an adventure race, Andreo and a friend/fellow adoptee secretly search for their birth parents—and are soon involved with dangerous baby-traffickers.
      JLG exclusive hardcover

      Head Kick: The Dojo

      by Patrick Jones

      Nov 2013

      Sports High

      $12.75  $5.00  Member Price
      Series: The Dojo
      Nong hopes that his mixed-martial arts training at the dojo will help him stand up to his abusive older brother—so his nephew won't have to suffer like Nong did.
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