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      The List of Things That Will Not Change

      by Rebecca Stead

      Aug 2020

      Upper Elementary & Junior High

      “Things are changing, Bea. But there’s still a lot you can count on. Okay? Things that won’t EVER change.”

      After her parents’ divorce, Bea’s life became different in many ways. But she can always look back at the list she keeps in her green notebook to remember the things that will stay the same. The first and most important: Mom and Dad will always love Bea, and each other.

      When Dad tells Bea that he and his boyfriend, Jesse, are getting married, Bea is thrilled. Bea loves Jesse, and when he and Dad get married, she’ll finally (finally!) have what she’s always wanted—a sister. Even though she’s never met Jesse’s daughter, Sonia, Bea is sure that they’ll be “just like sisters anywhere.”

      As the wedding day approaches, Bea will learn that making a new family brings questions, surprises, and joy, and readers will discover why the New York Times called Rebecca Stead a “writer of great feeling.”

      Beyond Words: What Wolves and Dogs Think and Feel (A Young Reader’s Adaptation)

      by Carl Safina

      Aug 2020

      Nonfiction Middle Plus

      The New York Times bestselling book Beyond Words is now available for middle-grade readers and focuses on consciousness and self-awareness in wolves and dogs.

      Eye-opening, wise, and filled with triumphant and heartbreaking stories about the wolf population at Yellowstone (as well as some personal anecdotes about dogs), Beyond Words: What Wolves and Dogs Think and Feel accessibly explores the mysteries of animal thought and behavior for young readers.

      Weaving decades of field research with exciting new discoveries about the brain, and complete with astonishing photos, Beyond Words offers an extraordinary look at what makes these animals different from us, but more importantly, what makes them similar, namely, their feelings of joy, grief, anger, and love.

      These similarities between human and nonhuman consciousness and empathy allow the reader to reexamine how we interact with animals as well as how we see our own place in the world.


      by Randy Wayne White

      Aug 2020

      High Interest Middle Plus

      The world’s shark population is in trouble for a sad, simple reason: shark fin soup. And although it’s illegal, poachers have been targeting Florida’s biannual migration of blacktip sharks.

      Marine biologist Doc Ford needs assistance protecting the sharks and enlists the help of three kids—Luke, Maribel and Sabina. Luke is brand-new to Florida from the Midwest; sisters Maribel and Sabina recently arrived from Cuba—and all three feel like fish out of water. It’s going to take some convincing for them to work as a team and recognize in themselves the courage, wisdom and tenacity that Doc sees in them.

      Together they form Sharks, Inc. and are given an important assignment: to set out each day on a small fishing boat in hopes of tagging sharks for Doc’s research—and to stay faraway from possible poachers in the area. The trio isn’t looking for trouble, but when they come face to face with danger, survival requires them to rely on each of their own unique gifts, and especially on one another.

      The Middler

      by Kirsty Applebaum

      Aug 2020

      Mystery/Adventure Elementary Plus

      Eleven-year-old Maggie lives in Fennis Wick, cust off from the outside world by a boundary beyond which the seemingly endless Quiet War rages and the dirty, dangerous, and deceitful wanderers roam. Her brother Jed is an eldest, revered and special, a hero who will soon go off to fight in the war. But Maggie's just a middle child—a middler who's invisible and forgotten, even by her own family.

      One hot September day, when she chances upon a wanderer girl in hiding, Maggie decides she wants to be a hero like her brother and sets out to capture the intruder. But once Maggie peeks past the hedges of the boundary for the first time, suddenly everything she's ever known about her isolated town gets turned on its head. Perfect for fans of Pax, Orphan Island, and Beyond the Bright Sea.

      Music from Another World

      by Robin Talley

      Aug 2020

      City High School

      It's 1978 and Tammy Larson, a closeted lesbian from Orange County California, copes with a life dominated by her conservative, religious Aunt Margaret and her anti-gay political campaigns by writing letters in her diary to Harvey Milk. Sharon Hawkins lives in San Francisco with her mother and closeted older brother and finds herself drawn to the pro-gay activism happening in her city.

      Matched up as pen pals, Sharon and Tammy find themselves developing a long distance friendship based on a mutual interest in punk music. And as anti-gay political fervor sweeps across the nation, the two girls must use their newfound friendship to explore who they really are and what they truly stand for.

      The Enigma Game

      by Elizabeth Wein

      Aug 2020

      Young Adults Plus

      1940. Facing a seemingly endless war, fifteen-year-old Louisa Adair wants to fight back, make a difference, do something-anything to escape the Blitz and the ghosts of her parents, who were killed by enemy action. But when she accepts a position caring for an elderly German woman in the small village of Windyedge, Scotland, it hardly seems like a meaningful contribution. Still, the war feels closer than ever in Windyedge, where Ellen McEwen, a volunteer driver with the Royal Air Force, and Jamie Beaufort-Stuart, a flight leader for the 648 Squadron, are facing a barrage of unbreakable code and enemy attacks they can't anticipate.

      Their paths converge when a German pilot lands in Windyedge under mysterious circumstances and plants a key that leads Louisa to an unparalleled discovery: an Enigma machine that translates German code. Louisa, Ellen, and Jamie must work together to unravel a puzzle that could turn the tide of the war? but doing so will put them directly in the cross-hairs of the enemy.

      Featuring beloved characters from Code Name Verity and The Pearl Thief, as well as a emarkable new voice, this brilliant, breathlessly plotted novel by award-winning author Elizabeth Wein is a must-read.

      Wrong Way Summer

      by Heidi Lang

      Aug 2020

      PG Middle Plus

      Claire used to love her dad’s fantastical stories, especially tales about her absent mom—who could be off with the circus or stolen by the troll king, depending on the day. But now that she’s 12, Claire thinks she’s old enough to know the truth. When her dad sells the house and moves her and her brother into a converted van, she’s tired of the tall tales and refuses to pretend it’s all some grand adventure, despite how enthusiastically her little brother embraces this newest fantasy. Claire is faced with a choice: Will she play along with the stories her dad is spinning for her little brother, or will she force her family to face reality once and for all?

      Equal parts heartwarming and heartbreaking, Wrong Way Summer is a road-trip journey and coming-of-age story about one girl’s struggle to understand when a lie is really a lie and when it’s something more: hope.

      Fox & Rabbit

      by Beth Ferry

      Aug 2020

      Graphic Novels Early Elementary Plus

      Easygoing Fox and anxious Rabbit seem like total opposites. But somehow, they make the perfect pair! Whether searching for hidden treasure or planting a garden in their own backyard, Fox and Rabbit find everyday magic at every turn. On this first adventure, the pair will discover some new favorite things like sunsets, dandelions, and cotton candy. And they’ll face new fears like heights, swimming, and (poisonous!) frogs. Thankfully, there’s nothing Fox and Rabbit can’t do together!

      Itzhak: A Boy Who Loved the Violin

      by Tracy Newman

      Aug 2020

      Arts Elementary Plus

      Before becoming one of the greatest violinists of all time, Itzhak Perlman was simply a boy who loved music. Raised by a poor immigrant family in a tiny Tel Aviv apartment, baby Itzhak was transformed by the sounds from his family’s kitchen radio—graceful classical symphonies, lively klezmer tunes, and soulful cantorial chants. The rich melodies and vibrant rhythms spoke to him like magic, filling his mind with vivid rainbows of color. After begging his parents for an instrument, Itzhak threw his heart and soul into playing the violin. Despite enormous obstacles—including a near-fatal bout of polio that left him crippled for life—Itzhak persevered, honing his extraordinary gift. When he performed on the Ed Sullivan Show at only 13, audiences around the world were mesmerized by the warmth, joy, and passion in every note.

      Gorgeously illustrated, this picture-book biography recounts Itzhak’s childhood journey—from a boy with a dream to an internationally acclaimed violin virtuoso.

      Michael Jordan

      by Katie Gillespie

      Aug 2020

      Sports Essentials Elementary

      Jordan was not able to make his school's varsity basketball team in the tenth grade. He trained all year, and went on to be one of the best high school basketball players in the United States. He eventually won six NBA championships.


      by Karen Durrie

      Aug 2020

      World Languages Elementary

      Did you know a lion can go five days without drinking water? If water is nearby, lions will drink it every day. If water is not close, lions can get the moisture they need from plants and their prey. Learn those and other interesting facts in Lion. Each World Languages title includes access to ten eBooks in ten languages! Our language toggle bar allows you to easily switch between English, Arabic, French, German, Hindi, Korean, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, and Tagalog with a simple click. The full audio feature allows readers to listen to the text in their own language as they flip through the book. World Languages works on all platforms, including standard desktops, tablets, and SMART boards.

      Curse of the Night Witch

      by Alex Aster

      Aug 2020

      Fantasy/Science Fiction Middle Plus

      On Emblem Island all are born knowing their fate. Their lifelines show the course of their life and an emblem dictates how they will spend it.

      Twelve-year-old Tor Luna was born with a leadership emblem, just like his mother. But he hates his mark and is determined to choose a different path for himself. So, on the annual New Year's Eve celebration, where Emblemites throw their wishes into a bonfire in the hopes of having them granted, Tor wishes for a different power.

      The next morning Tor wakes up to discover a mark symbolizing a curse is imprinted on his arm and his hand's lifeline is cut short. There is only one way to break the curse—and it requires a trip to the notorious Night Witch.

      With only his village's terrifying, ancient stories as a guide, and his two friends Engle and Melda by his side, Tor must travel across unpredictable Emblem Island, filled with wicked creatures he only knows through myths, in a race against his dwindling lifeline.
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