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Demand Diversity

The world is a diverse place. No two people, communities, cultures or mindsets are identical. As librarians, it’s critical to offer a collection that is as diverse as your readers. We've compiled select in-stock titles featured in our recent "Demand Diversity" webcast to help you find quality books to diversify your library's collection!

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      Taking Cover: One Girl's Story of Growing Up During the Iranian Revolution

      by Nioucha Homayoonfar

      Jan 2019

      Biography Middle Plus

      $17.30  $7.50  Member Price
      In 1979, eight-year-old Nioucha Homayoonfar moved from the United States to Tehran with her family and had to adjust to a new life and culture—during the turbulent Iranian Revolution. Author’s note. Foreword by Firoozeh Dumas. Afterword. Map. Time line.

      First Laugh: Welcome Baby!

      by Rose Tahe

      Jan 2019

      Multicultural Elementary

      $17.05  $7.50  Member Price
      In Navajo families, the first person to make a new baby laugh hosts the child's First Laugh Ceremony. Who will earn the honor in this story?

      Authors’ notes. Illustrator’s note. Notes on the setting, the First Laugh Navajo tradition, and birth ceremonies around the world. Selected sources. Full-color illustrations drawn with pencils and finished with ballpoint pen and Photoshop.

      Ana Maria Reyes Does Not Live in a Castle

      by Hilda Eunice Burgos

      Jan 2019

      Upper Elementary & Junior High Plus

      Ana María lives in a tiny Washington Heights apartment with her parents and three sisters—and Mami is expecting another baby! Ana María just wants to practice piano and get into private school, but her family keeps getting in her way.

      The Season of Styx Malone

      by Kekla Magoon

      Jan 2019

      Upper Elementary & Junior High

      Caleb Franklin and his big brother Bobby Gene are excited to have adventures in the woods behind their house. But Caleb dreams of venturing beyond their ordinary small town.
      Then Caleb and Bobby Gene meet new neighbor Styx Malone. Styx is sixteen and oozes cool. Styx promises the brothers that together, the three of them can pull off the Great Escalator Trade--exchanging one small thing for something better until they achieve their wildest dream. But as the trades get bigger, the brothers soon find themselves in over their heads. Styx has secrets--secrets so big they could ruin everything.

      Proud: Living My American Dream (Young Readers Edition)

      by Ibtihaj Muhammad

      Dec 2018

      Sports Middle Plus

      At the 2016 Olympic Games, Ibtihaj Muhammad broke barriers as the first American to compete wearing hijab and made history as the first Muslim American woman to win a medal. She describes the hard work, emotional fortitude, and faith she needed to become an Olympic fencer.Glossary of fencing terms. "Ibtihaj’s Advice." Q&A with the author. Full-color photo insert.

      Star-Touched Stories

      by Roshani Chokshi

      Dec 2018

      Paperbacks High

      From New York Times bestselling author, Roshani Chokshi, comes Star-Touched Stories: a fantasy collection of three lush and adventurous stories set in the Star-Touched world.
      Death and Night
      He was Lord of Death, cursed never to love. She was Night incarnate, destined to stay alone. After a chance meeting, they wonder if, perhaps, they could be meant for more. But danger crouches in their paths, and the choices they make will set them on a journey that will span lifetimes.
      Poison and Gold
      Now that her wish for a choice has come true, Aasha struggles to control her powers. But when an opportunity to help Queen Gauri and King Vikram's new reign presents itself, she is thrown into the path of the fearsome yet enchanting Spy Mistress. To help her friends, Aasha will have to battle her insecurities and perhaps, along the way, find love.
      Rose and Sword
      There is a tale whispered in the dark of the Empire of Bharat-Jain. A tale of a bride who loses her bridegroom on the eve of her wedding. But is it a tale or a truth?

      No Small Potatoes: Junius G. Groves and His Kingdom in Kansas

      by Tonya Bolden

      Dec 2018

      Biography Elementary Plus

      Biographical time line. Glossary. Notes. Selected sources. Full-color mixed media illustrations.

      Darius the Great Is Not Okay

      by Adib Khorram

      Nov 2018

      Young Adults

      Afterword with resources. Darius, who’s half Persian, has never fit in at home in Oregon. He’s sure things will be the same in Iran; but then he meets Sohrab and everything changes.

      Unbroken: 13 Stories Starring Disabled Teens

      by Marieke Nijkamp

      Nov 2018

      Young Adults Plus

      All the stories in this groundbreaking, genre-hopping collection are written by authors with disabilities, including William Alexander, Dhonielle Clayton, and Kody Keplinger. Their characters specialize in everything from dating advice to tandem biking to hacking.
      Brief author biographies.

      Trail of Lightning

      by Rebecca Roanhorse

      Nov 2018

      Adult Crossover Thrillers Plus

      During a climate apocalypse, Dinétah monster hunter, Maggie, and medicine man Kai search the rez for a missing girl.

      When Angels Sing: The Story of Rock Legend Carlos Santana

      by Michael Mahin

      Nov 2018

      Arts Elementary Plus

      Carlos Santana loved to listen to his father play el violín. It was a sound that filled the world with magic and love and feeling and healing—a sound that made angels real. Carlos wanted to make angels real, too. So he started playing music.
      Carlos tried el clarinete and el violín, but there were no angels. Then he picked up la guitarra. He took the soul of the Blues, the brains of Jazz, and the energy of Rock and Roll, and added the slow heat of Afro-Cuban drums and the cilantro-scented sway of the music he’d grown up with in Mexico. There were a lot of bands in San Francisco but none of them sounded like this. Had Carlos finally found the music that would make his angels real?
      Author’s note. Bibliography. Further listening. Full-color illustrations created with acrylic and enamel markers on canvas.

      Unsinkable: From Russian Orphan to Paralympic Swimming World Champion

      by Jessica Long

      Oct 2018

      Sports Middle Plus

      Jessica Long was born with fibular hemimelia and adopted from a Siberian orphanage as a baby. She endured early health struggles and has gone on to become the second most decorated US Paralympic athlete of all time.

      Full-color photographs.
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