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      The Hike

      by Alison Farrell

      Jan 2020

      Pre-Kindergarten Plus

      With lyrical language that captures the majesty of the natural world coupled with fun narrative featured throughout, this spirited picture book tells the victorious story of three girls' friendship—and their tribulations and triumphs in the great outdoors. Here is the best and worst of any hike: from picnics to puffing and panting, deer-sighting to detours. Featuring a glossary, a sketchbook by one of the characters, abundant labels throughout, and scientific backmatter, this book is a must-have for budding scientists, best friends, and all adventurers. And it proves, as if proof were needed, what epic things can happen right in your own backyard.

      Full-color illustrations were rendered in watercolor and ink.

      Momentous Events in the Life of a Cactus

      by Dusti Bowling

      Jan 2020

      Advanced Readers Plus

      Just as Aven starts to feel comfortable in Stagecoach Pass, with her friends and schoolmates accustomed to her lack of “armage,” everything changes once again. She’s about to begin high school…with 3,000 new kids to stare at her. And no matter how much Aven tries to play it cool, nothing prepares her for the reality. In a year filled with confusion, humiliation, and just maybe love, can Aven manage to stay true to herself?

      Boil Line

      by M. J. McIsaac

      Jan 2020

      Hi-Lo PG Middle/High

      Camp Clearwater is home to best friends Nate, Owen, and Mercy. They practically grew up on the Starling River. But the summer they turn sixteen, an incident forces the camp to close its doors. Mike Elliot, the river-kayaking guide who taught the teens everything they know, is lost to the rapids. A tragic accident, everyone agrees. Except for Nate. Mike was the best kayaker he'd ever met. The smartest. The safest. He respected and loved the river, and as far as Nate is concerned, the river loved Mike back. If his instructor was pulled under by the Starling, then Nate is sure foul play was involved. To find the truth, Nate must face his greatest fears as he retraces Mike's final run through the Black Hole, the most treacherous waters on the Starling.

      Pokko and the Drum

      by Matthew Forsythe

      Jan 2020

      Read Aloud Plus

      The biggest mistake Pokko’s parents ever made was giving her the drum. When Pokko takes the drum deep into the forest, it is so quiet, so very quiet that Pokko decides to play. And before she knows it, she is joined by a band of animals —first the raccoon, then the rabbit, then the wolf—and soon the entire forest is following her. Will Pokko hear her father’s voice when he calls her home?
      Pokko and the Drum is a story about art, persistence, and a family of frogs living in a mushroom.

      Full-color illustrations were done in watercolor, gouache, and colored pencil.

      The Class

      by Frances O'Roark Dowell

      Jan 2020

      PG Middle Plus

      Sixth grade is a MOST confusing time. Best friends aren’t friends anymore. Worst enemies suddenly want to be partners in crime. And classmates you thought you knew have all sorts of surprising stuff going on. The kids in Mrs. Herrera’s class are dealing with all these things and more—specifically, three more:

      1. There’s a new girl who just seems to be spying on them all and scribbling things in a notebook. Maybe she IS a spy?
      2. Someone is stealing all of Mrs. Herrera’s most treasured items.
      3. Their old classmate, Sam, keeps showing up and no one knows why…until they do.

      Which leads to a fourth problem. But we can’t tell you about that yet. The twenty kids in Mrs. Herrera’s classroom can, though, and they do. Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

      Annie Oakley

      by Jill Foran

      Jan 2020

      Series Nonfiction
      History Grades 3-5

      Annie Oakley showed audiences from around the world that she could shoot almost anything. She was one of the most respected and talented sharpshooters in history. Learn more in Annie Oakley, one of the titles in the "Folk Heroes" series.

      The Disaster Days

      by Rebecca Behrens

      Jan 2020

      High Interest Middle Plus

      Twelve-year-old Hannah Steele doesn't mind babysitting after school. She just took a babysitting class, and her charges Zoe and Oscar are basically her next door neighbors, so it's really no big deal.

      But then the shaking begins. Pottery topples. Furniture lurches across the floor. Glass shatters. The earthquake lasts four whole minutes. It knocks out the power. The stairs collapse. Phone lines are down, cell service is nonexistent. Even worse, the ferry and the bridge aren't running, so their parents can't get back to them. Which means, they're stranded and alone. With Hannah in charge…

      Author’s note.

      Picturing God

      by Ruth Goring

      Jan 2020

      Religious Books Elementary

      With poetic language and gorgeous handcrafted mixed-media collages and mosaics, Picturing God brings to life the many metaphors for God found in the Bible. God is the light, living water, a father, a mother, clothing, a rock, wind, comforter, a door, the Good Shepherd, and more. Poet and artist Ruth Goring invites children and adults alike to revisit the beautiful imagery found in Scripture, and provides an opportunity for children to develop their imagination about who God is.

      List of Bible verses that describe God. Full-color collage llustrations.

      Adjectives Say "Incredible!"

      by Michael Dahl

      Jan 2020

      Series Nonfiction
      Social Studies Grades K-2

      It's Zoo Day, and the adjectives can't wait for all the furry, fuzzy, feathered, noisy, wet, and sweet things. The perfect pairing of solid grammar basics and plenty of goofiness, this illustrated parts-of-speech adventure teaches and entertains all at once. Incredible!


      by Jonah Winter

      Jan 2020

      Biography Elementary Plus

      Thurgood Marshall was a born lawyer—the loudest talker, funniest joke teller, and best arguer from the time he was a kid growing up in Baltimore in the early 1900s. He would go on to become the star of his high school and college debate teams, a stellar law student at Howard University, and, as a lawyer, a one-man weapon against the discriminatory laws against black Americans. After only two years at the NAACP, he was their top lawyer and had earned himself the nickname Mr. Civil Rights. He argued—and won—cases before the Supreme Court, including one of the most important cases in American history: Brown v Board of Education. And he became the first black U.S. Supreme Court Justice in history.

      Like its subject, here is a biography that crackles with energy and intensity—a great introduction to a great man.

      Author’s note, with photographs. Full-color illustrations done in watercolor and collage.

      The Boy Who Invented the Popsicle: The Cool Science Behind Frank Epperson's Famous Frozen Treat

      by Anne Renaud

      Jan 2020

      Nonfiction Early Elementary

      Since inventing begins with experimenting, Frank spends a lot of time in his "laboratory" (i.e., his back porch) trying out his ideas, such as building a double-handled handcar that whizzes past the single-handled cars in his neighborhood. What Frank loves most, though, is experimenting with liquids. When he invents his own yummy flavored soda water drink, his friends love it! And this gets him to thinking: "I wonder what this drink would taste like frozen?" Though he doesn't yet realize it, his curiosity will lead to his best invention ever: the Popsicle!

      In this innovative picture book, Anne Renaud tells a lively story inspired by a real person and true events. Budding scientists will be inspired to emulate the way Frank follows his curiosity, works hard and never gives up—a growth mindset in action. Interwoven within the story are full-page illustrated instructions for four science experiments that Frank performs, so readers can try them at home or school. Thoroughly researched back matter provides additional historical notes, photos, and a bibliography. This readable book covers social studies topics including early twentieth-century history and inventions and inventors, as well as science topics such as simple chemistry experiments and an overview of the skills and strategies of scientific inquiry.

      Full-color mixed-media illustrations.

      The First Dinosaur: How Science Solved the Greatest Mystery on Earth

      by Ian Lendler

      Jan 2020

      High-Interest Nonfiction Middle Plus

      Dinosaurs existed. That’s a fact we accept today. But not so long ago, the concept that these giant creatures could have roamed Earth millions of years before humans was unfathomable. People thought what we know as dinosaur bones were the bones of giant humans. Of large elephants. Of angels, even.

      So, how did we get from angel wings to the T-Rex? The First Dinosaur tells the story of the idea of dinosaurs, and the chain of fossil discoveries and advances in science that led to that idea. Be prepared to meet eccentric men and overlooked women who uncovered the pieces to a puzzle so much bigger than themselves, a puzzle far stranger and more spectacular than they could have ever imagined.

      Epilogue. Bibliography. Index. Full-color photographs, reproductions, and illustrations rendered in pen, ink, and digitally.
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