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      Special Olympics

      by Adam Hellebuyck

      Apr 2020

      Series Nonfiction
      History Grades 3-5

      Special Olympics in the "Global Citizens: Sports" series explores the topic through the lenses of History, Geography, Civics, and Economics. As they read, students will develop questions about the text, and use evidence from a variety of sources in order to form conclusions. Data-focused backmatter is included, as well as a table of contents, author biography, sidebars, bibliography, glossary, and index.

      We Could Be Heroes

      by Margaret Finnegan

      Apr 2020

      Intermediate Readers Plus

      Hank Hudson is in a bit of trouble. After an incident involving the boy’s bathroom and a terribly sad book his teacher is forcing them to read, Hank is left with a week’s suspension and a slightly charred hardcover—and, it turns out, the attention of new girl Maisie Huang.

      Maisie has been on the lookout for a kid with the meatballs to help her with a very important mission: Saving her neighbor’s dog, Booler. Booler has seizures, and his owner, Mr. Jorgensen, keeps him tied to a tree all day and night because of them. It’s enough to make Hank even sadder than that book does—he has autism, and he knows what it’s like to be treated poorly because of something that makes you different.

      But different is not less. And Hank is willing to get into even more trouble to prove it. Soon he and Maisie are lying, brown-nosing, baking, and cow milking all in the name of saving Booler—but not everything is as it seems. Booler might not be the only one who needs saving. And being a hero can look a lot like being a friend.

      Greta’s Story: The Schoolgirl Who Went on Strike to Save the Planet

      by Valentina Camerini

      Apr 2020

      Biography Elementary Plus

      You are never too young to make a difference.

      Ever since she learned about climate change, Greta Thunberg couldn’t understand why politicians weren’t treating it as an emergency. In August 2018, temperatures in Sweden reached record highs, fires raged across the country, and fifteen-year-old Greta decided to stop waiting for political leaders to take action. Instead of going to school on Friday, she made a sign and went on strike in front of Stockholm’s parliament building.

      Greta’s solo protest grew into the global Fridays for Future—or School Strike 4 Climate—movement, which millions have now joined. She has spoken at COP24 (the UN summit on climate change) and has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. This timely, unofficial biography is her story, but also that of many others around the world willing to fight against the indifference of the powerful for a better future.

      Innovators Feeding the Planet

      by Robyn Hardyman

      Apr 2020

      Series Nonfiction
      Social Studies Grades 6-8

      Food is a very important part of life, but many people around the world spend their days hungry and malnourished. How can this problem be solved? Men and women around the world have come up with creative ways to feed the planet, and readers are sure to be captivated by the tales of their discoveries and inventions. As readers explore the exciting main text, sidebars, and full-color photographs, they also learn that science, technology, engineering, and math skills can be used for more than just passing tests; these skills can help the world.

      The Nest That Wren Built

      by Randi Sonenshine

      Apr 2020

      Read Aloud Plus

      This is the bark, snippets of twine,
      spidery rootlets, and needles of pine
      that shape the nest that Wren built.

      In the rhyming style of “The House That Jack Built,” this poem about the care and specificity that Carolina wrens put into building a nest is at once tender and true to life. Papa and Mama Wren gather treasures of the forest, from soft moss for a lining to snakeskin for warding off predators. Randi Sonenshine’s lilting stanzas, woven with accurate and unexpected details about Carolina wrens, and Anne Hunter’s gentle, inviting illustrations reveal the mysterious lives of these birds and impart an appreciation for the wonder of the life cycles around us.

      This Book Scratches!

      by Sarah Machajewski

      Apr 2020

      Series Nonfiction
      Science Grades 3-5

      Swipe! Scratch! Watch out for the animals on the attack! This elementary science book introduces readers to animals that scratch. From big cats to beastly bears, readers will delight in learning more about their favorite animals and why they scratch. Through exploring physical characteristics, habitat, environment, and life cycles readers will learn how this behavior is a survival instinct and a unique kind of defense. Fact boxes and impactful images offer opportunities for additional learning.


      by Cyril Bassington

      Apr 2020

      Series Nonfiction
      Social Studies Grades K-2

      What makes a legend a legend? A bit of truth and a bit of entertaining fiction! That's how legends have lasted through generations, and sometimes for thousands of years. Robin Hood, King Arthur, and young George Washington all make an appearance in this informative book, which offers details about legendary stories as well as information about why they're considered legends. Readers will also learn about urban legends and consider if they have legends-in-the-making in their families and communities.

      What’s the Matter with Jayden Jackson?: We the Weirdos

      by Charley Pickle

      Apr 2020

      Hi-Lo PG Middle/High

      Jayden Jackson is always in trouble. He has a quick temper and gets detention on the regular. When Jayden meets rule-following Eli, they find common ground in the music they love. But Jayden can't tell Eli the truth behind his anger: that his dad is in jail. Jayden has fun hanging out with Eli, but can he really let another person in and show them who he really is?

      Where Have All the Bees Gone?: Pollinators in Crisis

      by Rebecca E. Hirsch

      Apr 2020

      Nonfiction High Plus

      Bumblebees—the teddy bears of the bee world—are in trouble. There are roughly 250 species of bumblebees all in the genus Bombus worldwide. In North America alone, four once-common Bombus species have vanished from their former ranges. And that poses problems for everyone: Bumblebees are the main pollinators for many of our food products, including blueberries, tomatoes, apples, and almonds. Author Rebecca E. Hirsch chronicles the evolution and the history of bees, examines the role of wild bees in food production and natural habitats, and digs into the serious threats they are facing—dwindling habitat, deadly pesticides, the spread of disease, and climate change. She also calls on young readers to act, outlining specific steps they can take to study, understand, and protect bumblebees.

      Along the Tapajós

      by Fernando Vilela

      Apr 2020

      Multicultural Elementary

      Cauã and Inaê are a brother and sister who live in a small community along the Tapajós River in Brazil. Here, the homes are on stilts and everyone travels around by boat—even to school! When the rainy season comes, they must leave their village and relocate to higher ground for a while. But after moving this year, Cauã and Inaê realize they’ve left behind something important: their pet tortoise, Titi! Unlike turtles, tortoises can’t swim, and Cauã and Inaê are really worried. So the pair sneaks back at night on a journey along the river to rescue him. Will they be able to save Titi?

      Video Games Save the World

      by Heather E. Schwartz

      Apr 2020

      Series Nonfiction
      Social Studies Grades 3-5

      To save the world, one must play video games. Sounds ridiculous, right? But in reality many people are looking to video games to tackle many of the world's problems. Take a closer look at the ways in which video games can help save the world.


      by Kate Messner

      Apr 2020

      Advanced Readers Plus

      When Mia moves to Vermont the summer after seventh grade, she’s recovering from the broken arm she got falling off a balance beam. Packed away in the moving boxes under her clothes and gymnastics trophies is a secret she’d rather forget. Mia’s change in scenery brings day camps, new friends, and time with her beloved grandmother. But Gram is convinced someone is out to destroy her cricket farm. Is it sabotage or is Gram’s thinking impaired from the stroke she suffered months ago? Mia and her friends set out to investigate, but can they uncover the truth in time to save the farm? And will solving one mystery empower Mia to confront the secret she’s been hiding?

      In a compelling story rich with friendship, science, and summer fun, a girl finds her voice while navigating the joys and challenges of growing up.
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