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      Ghosts Don’t Ride Bikes, Do They?: Desmond Cole Ghost Patrol 2

      by Andres Miedoso

      Jun 2018

      Mystery/Adventure Elementary Plus


      by David Ezra Stein

      Jun 2018

      Pre-Kindergarten Plus

      Jasmine Toguchi, Drummer Girl

      by Debbi Michiko Florence

      Jun 2018

      Independent Readers Plus

      Min Makes a Machine

      by Emily Arnold McCully

      Jun 2018

      Emergent Readers Plus

      Golden: Summer Road Trip

      by Mary Victoria Johnson

      Jun 2018

      Hi-Lo Mature

      La Frontera: El viaje con papá / My Journey with Papa

      by Alfredo Alva

      Jun 2018

      Spanish Elementary

      La Fosa del Lobo (Wolf Hollow)

      by Lauren Wolk

      Jun 2018

      Spanish Middle

      Nothing But Sky

      by Amy Trueblood

      Jun 2018

      Paperbacks High

      $12.00  $9.80  Member Price

      Different Abilities

      by Rebecca Pettiford

      May 2018

      Series Nonfiction
      Social Studies Grades K-2

      The Amistad Revolt

      by Ellis Roxburgh

      May 2018

      Series Nonfiction
      History Grades 6-8


      by Rebecca Pettiford

      May 2018

      Series Nonfiction
      Science Grades K-2

      Mystery in the Morgue: Be a Pathologist

      by Alix Wood

      May 2018

      Series Nonfiction
      Science Grades 6-8

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