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      Where Dani Goes, Happy Follows

      by Rose Lagercrantz

      Apr 2019

      Independent Readers Plus

      The Girl King

      by Mimi Yu

      Apr 2019

      Fantasy/Science Fiction High Plus

      This Promise of Change: One Girl’s Story in the Fight for School Equality

      by Jo Ann Allen Boyce

      Apr 2019

      Advanced Readers Plus


      by Klepeis, Alicia

      Apr 2019

      Series Nonfiction
      Social Studies Grades 3-5

      Arlo Finch in the Lake of the Moon

      by John August

      Apr 2019

      Fantasy/Science Fiction Middle Plus

      The Truth About Elephants

      by Maxwell Eaton III

      Apr 2019

      Easy Reading Plus


      by Joanne Mattern

      Apr 2019

      Series Nonfiction
      Social Studies Grades K-2

      Water Spiders

      by Gleisner, Jenna Lee

      Apr 2019

      Series Nonfiction
      Science Grades K-2

      Aquicorn Cove

      by Katie O'Neill

      Apr 2019

      Graphic Novels Elementary Plus

      The Book of Delights: Essays

      by Ross Gay

      Apr 2019

      Adult Crossover High Plus

      No-Sew Headbands, Belts, and Other Accessories: No Sew, No Problem

      by Carly J. Bacon

      Apr 2019

      Series Nonfiction How-To

      Milo on Wheels: The Club

      by Elizabeth Gordon

      Apr 2019

      Hi-Lo PG Middle/High

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