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      by Anna North

      Apr 2021

      Adult Crossover High Plus

      In the year of our Lord 1894, I became an outlaw.

      The day of her wedding, 17-year-old Ada’s life looks good; she loves her husband, and she loves working as an apprentice to her mother, a respected midwife. But after a year of marriage and no pregnancy, in a town where barren women are routinely hanged as witches, her survival depends on leaving behind everything she knows.

      She joins up with the notorious Hole in the Wall Gang, a band of outlaws led by a preacher-turned-robber known to all as the Kid. Charismatic, grandiose, and mercurial, the Kid is determined to create a safe haven for outcast women. But to make this dream a reality, the Gang hatches a treacherous plan that may get them all killed. And Ada must decide whether she’s willing to risk her life for the possibility of a new kind of future for them all.

      Featuring an irresistibly no-nonsense, courageous, and determined heroine, Outlawed dusts off the myth of the old West and reignites the glimmering promise of the frontier with an entirely new set of feminist stakes. Anna North has crafted a pulse-racing, page-turning saga about the search for hope in the wake of death, and for truth in a climate of small-mindedness and fear.

      Great Escapes #4, The: Survival in the Wilderness

      by Steven Otfinoski

      Apr 2021

      Hi-Lo PG Middle/High

      The fourth book in a thrilling historical fiction series based on real events—perfect for readers of I Survived! Follow three valiant Navy officers as they try to escape the harsh Canadian wilderness.

      December 1920. Three US Navy lieutenants—Louis Kloor, Stephen Farrell, and Walter Hinton—boarded a hot air balloon for a routine training flight. But as the sun set, heavy rain and wind knocked the men off course, forcing an emergency landing deep within the snowy Canadian wilderness. And as the men searched for signs of civilization, they were overcome with freezing temperatures, starvation, and fatigue. To survive, Kloor, Farrell, and Hinton would have to go up against their greatest enemies yet—desperation and despair.

      Of Salt and Shore

      by Annet Schaap

      Mar 2021

      Fantasy/Science Fiction Middle Plus

      Every evening Lampie, the lighthouse keeper’s daughter, must light a lantern to warn ships away from the rocks, but one stormy night disaster strikes. The lantern is not lit, a ship is wrecked, and someone must pay.

      To work off her debt, Lampie is banished to the Admiral’s lonely house, where a monster is rumored to live. The terrors inside the house aren’t quite what she thought they would be—they are even stranger. After Lampie saves the life of the neglected, deformed son of the admiral, a boy she calls Fish, they form a close bond. Soon they are pulled into a fairytale adventure swimming with mermaids, pirates, and misfits. Lampie will discover the courage to fight for friendship, knowledge, and the freedom to be different.

      Sobreviví el bombardeo de Pearl Harbor, 1941 (I Survived the Bombing of Pearl Harbor)

      by Lauren Tarshis

      Mar 2021

      Spanish Elementary

      Seventy years later, the bombing of Pearl Harbor comes to life for a new generation of readers!

      History's most terrifying moments are brought vividly to life in the action-packed fictional "I Survived" series! Do you have what it takes to survive…the bombing of Pearl Harbor?

      Eleven-year-old Danny Crane is alone on his favorite beach in Hawaii when the world is torn apart and World War II officially hits the United States. Does he have what it takes to find his way home in the midst of the bombs, the smoke, and the destruction of the day that will live in infamy?

      Battle of the Bodkins: Max & the Midknights #2

      by Lincoln Peirce

      Mar 2021

      Intermediate Readers

      Max takes on knight school in the hilarious sequel to the New York Times bestselling illustrated novel Max and the Midknights, from the author of the Big Nate series!

      Max didn’t expect knight school to be so tough. Luckily, she has her best friends—the Midknights—at her side. But when Byjovia is under attack, the Midknights will have to face beastly creatures, powerful spells, and their gretest foe yet—themselves.

      Lincoln Peirce, author of the New York Times bestselling Max & the Midknights, brings more laughs, more adventures, and more silliness to Battle of the Bodkins, book two in the "Max & the Midknights" series.

      Katie the Catsitter

      by Colleen AF Venable

      Feb 2021

      Graphic Novels Elementary Plus

      Katie is dreading the boring summer ahead while her best friends are all away at camp—something that's way out of Katie and her mom's budget, UNLESS Katie can figure out a way earn the money for camp herself. But when Katie gets a job catsitting for her mysterious upstairs neighbor, life get interesting. First, Madeline has 217 cats (!) and they're not exactly…normal cats. Also, why is Madeline always out EXACTLY when the city's most notorious villain commits crimes?! Is it possible that Katie's upstairs neighbor is really a super villain? Can Katie wrangle a whole lot of wayward cats, save a best friendship (why is Beth barely writing back? And who's this boy she keeps talking about?!), AND crack the biggest story in the city's history? Some heroes have capes…Katie has cats!

      Rebel Sisters

      by Tochi Onyebuchi

      Feb 2021

      Current Trends High Plus

      In the epic, action-packed sequel to the “brilliant” (Booklist, starred review) novel War Girls, the battles are over, but the fight for justice has just begun.

      It’s been five years since the Biafran War ended. Ify is now nineteen and living where she’s always dreamed—the Space Colonies. She is a respected, high-ranking medical officer and has dedicated her life to helping refugees like herself rebuild in the Colonies.

      Back in the still devastated Nigeria, Uzo, a young synth, is helping an aid worker, Xifeng, recover images and details of the war held in the technology of destroyed androids. Uzo, Xifeng, and the rest of their team are working to preserve memories of the many lives lost, despite the government’s best efforts to eradicate any signs that the war ever happened.

      Though they are working toward common goals of helping those who suffered, Ify and Uzo are worlds apart. But when a mysterious virus breaks out among the children in the Space Colonies, their paths collide. Ify makes it her mission to figure out what’s causing the deadly disease. And doing so means going back to the homeland she thought she’d left behind forever.

      The Tower of Nero: The Trials of Apollo, Book Five

      by Rick Riordan

      Feb 2021

      Advanced Readers Plus

      At last, the breathtaking, action-packed finale of the #1 bestselling Trials of Apollo series is here!

      Will the Greek god Apollo, cast down to earth in the pathetic moral form of a teenager named Lester Papadopoulos, finally regain his place on Mount Olympus?

      Lester's demigod friends at Camp Jupiter just helped him survive attacks from bloodthirsty ghouls, an evil Roman king and his army of the undead, and the lethal emperors Caligula and Commodus. Now the former god and his demigod master Meg must follow a prophecy uncovered by Ella the harpy. Lester's final challenge will be at the Tower of Nero, back in New York.

      Will Meg have a last showdown with her father?

      Will this helpless form of Apollo have to face his arch nemesis, Python?

      Who will be on hand at Camp Half-Blood to assist?

      These questions and more will be answered in this book that all demigods are eagerly awaiting.

      The Shadow War

      by Lindsay Smith

      Feb 2021

      Fantasy/Science Fiction High Plus

      World War II is raging, and five teens are looking to make a mark. Daniel and Rebeka seek revenge against the Nazis who slaughtered their family; Simone is determined to fight back against the oppressors who ruined her life and corrupted her girlfriend; Phillip aims to prove that he’s better than his worst mistakes; and Liam is searching for a way to control the portal to the shadow world he’s uncovered, and the monsters that live within it—before the Nazi regime can do the same. When the five meet, and begrudgingly team up, in the forests of Germany, none of them knows what their future might hold.

      As they race against time, war, and enemies from both this world and another, Liam, Daniel, Rebeka, Phillip, and Simone know that all they can count on is their own determination and will to survive. With their world turned upside down, and the shadow realm looming ominously large—and threateningly close—the course of history and the very fate of humanity rest in their hands. Still, the most important question remains: Will they be able to save it?

      Félix y Calcita (Felix and Calcita)

      by Artur Laperla

      Jan 2021

      Spanish Elementary

      Epic! A troll has made her home in Felix's bedroom! And yuuuck! She smells like moldy cheese! She’s named Calcita and she’s come here through the toy box and she eats rocks, yes, yes, rocks! Felix will discover that his house is connected to the troll world, and he'll travel there with Calcita and discover that they've spent years fighting the gnomes. Will Felix be able to get the trolls and gnomes to be friends again? And will he get back to his house in time for dinner? Action, adventure, incredible worlds, and fantastical characters in the first adventure of Félix and Calcita, the new comic series for children from Artur Laperla, creator of Super Potato.

      Mr. Penguin and the Catastrophic Cruise

      by Alex T. Smith

      Jan 2021

      Mystery/Adventure Elementary Plus

      Meet Mr. Penguin: adventurer (and penguin)!

      Mr. Penguin and his Adventuring gang board a luxury cruise ship for some much-needed rest and a little entertainment. With Colin, his kung fu spider sidekick, preparing to perform with the Ladies Choir and fish finger sandwiches available twenty-four hours a day, Mr. Penguin isn’t even bothered that he can’t swim and is deeply afraid of water.

      But when a series of odd events infiltrates a façade of glamorous parties filled with a who’s who of film stars and politicians, Mr. Penguin can’t help but feel that something shifty is happening on board. And when he befriends a young stowaway with a mystery of her own to solve, he soon finds that Adventures are lying in wait after all.

      Alone in the Woods

      by Rebecca Behrens

      Jan 2021

      High Interest Middle Plus

      When twelve-year-old best friends Jocelyn and Alex head off for a late-summer, joint-family vacation in Wisconsin's isolated north woods, it's supposed to be a perfect week of hiking, tubing, campfire s'mores, and stargazing. Except for one big problem: Alex and Jocelyn are no longer friends.

      Jocelyn secretly hopes that once they get up north, their friendship will go back to normal. Tension comes to a head the day both families go rafting on the Wolf River and the girls' tube tears on the rocks. Before they know it, Jocelyn and Alex are separated from their families.

      Alex is convinced they should follow the footpath along the river to the meeting place at the end. Even though Jocelyn thinks they should stay put, she follows. Suddenly, they are very, very lost.

      Wearing swimsuits and water shoes with only the contents of their soaked backpacks, the girls face threats from biting flies to black bears, poison ivy to hypothermia. Both Jocelyn and Alexis call upon resourcefulness they didn't know they had in their desperate return to safety. But beyond battling the elements, the girls will have to overcome their fractured friendship if they want to make it out of the woods alive.
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