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      Samuel Morse, That's Who!: The Story of the Telegraph and Morse Code

      by Tracy Nelson Maurer

      Sep 2019

      Nonfiction Elementary Plus

      Back in the 1800s, information traveled slowly. Who would dream of instant messages? Samuel Morse, that’s who! Who traveled to France, where the famous telegraph towers relayed 10,000 possible codes for messages depending on the signal arm positions—only if the weather was clear? Who imagined a system that would use electric pulses to instantly carry coded messages between two machines, rain or shine? Long before the first telephone, who changed communication forever? Samuel Morse, that’s who!
      This dynamic and subtsantive biography celebrates an early technology pioneer. Perfect for fans of Gene Barretta's popular inventor series.
      ,br> Time line with photographs. Further information about Samuel Morse, telegraphs, and Morse code. Bibliography. Author’s note. Full-color illustrations were created with pencil and charcoal and colored digitally.

      John Deere, That’s Who!

      by Tracy Nelson Maurer

      May 2017

      Nonfiction Elementary Plus

      Out of stock
      Beautiful illustrations—including spectacular landscapes—reflect the time period and bring John Deere's remarkable story to life. Glossary. Facts about John Deere and his company. Bibliography. Full-color illustrations were created "using acrylic on plywood and a unique combination of stains and glazes."

      Using Road Maps and GPS

      by Tracy Nelson Maurer

      Mar 2017

      Series Nonfiction
      Social Studies Grades 3-5

      Out of stock
      Ever wonder what route would get you from coast to coast the fastest? Or where to find camping spots on a road trip? Road maps and GPS give details about routes and sites. But how do you use them? And how can you make the most of these tools to get the information you need? Free Online Content, Full-Color Illustrations, Full-Color Photographs, Further Reading, Glossary, Index, Maps, Sidebars, Table of Contents.
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