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Poetry 2018

National Poetry Month was inaugurated by the Academy of American Poets in 1996. Over the years, it has become the largest literary celebration in the world with schools, publishers, libraries, booksellers, and poets celebrating poetry’s vital place in our culture.
Here are the JLG Gold Standard selections that will inspire you to celebrate poetry not only during the month of April, but all year long!

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      The Creativity Project: An Awesometastic Story Collection

      by Colby Sharp

      Apr 2018

      PG Middle


      Rhyme Crime

      by Jon Burgerman

      Apr 2018

      Read Aloud

      BL, K

      Earth Verse: Haiku from the Ground Up

      by Sally M. Walker

      Apr 2018

      Science Nonfiction Elementary

      BL, H, SLJ

      Long Way Down

      by Jason Reynolds

      Feb 2018

      High-Interest High

      BCCB*, BL*, H*, K*, PW*, V

      That Is My Dream!

      by Langston Hughes

      Jan 2018

      Easy Reading

      BL, H, K*, PW*, SLJ

      How I Discovered Poetry

      by Marilyn Nelson

      Jul 2014

      Advanced Readers +

      BCCB*, BL, H, HG^, K, PW*, SLJ

      Poemas familiares para cada día de la semana / Family Poems for Every Day of the Week

      by Francisco X. Alarcón

      Feb 2018

      Spanish Elementary

      H, K, PW*, SLJ

      Nothing Rhymes with Orange

      by Adam Rex

      Nov 2017

      Humor Elementary

      BL, K*, PW*, SLJ

      I’m Just No Good at Rhyming: And Other Nonsense for Mischievous Kids and Immature Grown-Ups

      by Chris Harris

      Oct 2017

      Intermediate Readers Plus

      BL*, H*, K, PW*

      Motor Goose: Rhymes That Go!

      by Rebecca Colby

      Sep 2017


      K, SLJ

      Out of Wonder: Poems Celebrating Poets

      by Kwame Alexander

      May 2017

      Arts Elementary

      BCCB*, BL*, H*, K*, PW*, SLJ

      Spark Story Bible Psalm Book: Prayers and Poems for Kids

      by Naomi J. Kreuger

      Apr 2017

      Religious Books Elementary

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