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Tales of Family

Our families have an incredibly powerful impact on our lives. Few topics evoke the same kind of emotional impact as family. And these titles delve into the profound connections between children, parents, siblings, and extended family members. Explore the titles below for $8 each or less when you use code ADVENTURE!

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      Anastasia and Her Sisters

      by Carolyn Meyer

      May 2015

      History High


      In Mozart’s Shadow: His Sister’s Story

      by Carolyn Meyer

      Nov 2008

      Advanced Readers +


      Soldier Sister, Fly Home

      by Nancy Bo Flood

      Nov 2016

      Advanced Readers


      Danger Goes Berserk: Brixton Brothers

      by Mac Barnett

      Jan 2013

      Mystery/Adventure Elementary


      Growing Up Pedro: How the Martinez Brothers Made It from the Dominican Republic All the Way to the Major Leagues

      by Matt Tavares

      Feb 2015

      Sports Elementary


      Kinda Like Brothers

      by Coe Booth

      Dec 2014

      Upper Elementary


      Vincent and Theo: The Van Gogh Brothers

      by Deborah Heiligman

      Jul 2017

      History High


      The Musician’s Daughter

      by Susanne Dunlap

      Feb 2009

      Young Adults +


      The Shepherd’s Granddaughter

      by Anne Laurel Carter

      Oct 2008

      Advanced Readers


      Grandfather Gandhi

      by Arun Gandhi

      Character Building Elementary

      $17.99 Special Order

      Orani: My Father’s Village

      by Claire A. Nivola

      Oct 2011

      Easy Reading


      The Most Important Thing: Stories about Sons, Fathers, and Grandfathers

      by Avi

      Jul 2016

      Advanced Readers

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