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Friends and Besties

There’s nothing quite like the bond shared between friends. They see us through our challenges and lift us up when we succeed. This specially selected list of titles puts friendship front and center.

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      Poppy & Sam and the Leaf Thief

      by Cathon

      Oct 2018

      Graphic Novels Elementary Plus

      Poppy is a tiny girl and Sam is a tiny bear, and they live in hollowed-out pumpkins in a garden and are friends with some of the plants and animals that live there. Full-color illustrations.

      Absolutely Alfie and the First Week Friends

      by Sally Warner

      Dec 2017

      Independent Readers Plus

      Alfie Jakes is starting second grade and hoping to find friends who will stay by her side beyond the first week of school. Black-and-white illustrations done in ink.

      The Trouble with Friends: The Nora Notebooks, Book 3

      by Claudia Mills

      Apr 2017

      Intermediate Readers Plus

      The final book in the Nora Notebooks series finds Nora trying to navigate the unscientific matter of making friends with someone you have nothing in common with. Black-and-white illustrations.

      Should Charlotte Share?: Being a Good Friend

      by Rebecca Rissman

      Aug 2013

      Series Nonfiction
      Social Studies Grades K-2

      $12.00  $5.00  Member Price
      In this instructive book, simple, clear sentences examine the process of making good choices. Several kid-centric dilemmas (“Should Wendy Tease Her Teammate?”) are presented, and the consequences of different actions are explored. For example, teasing the new teammate instead of being kind might mean missing out on a friendship. After two options are given for each scenario, readers are asked to consider “What Would YOU Have Done?” Color photographs feature diverse groups of children expressing a range of emotions. Back matter includes a picture glossary, notes for parents and teachers, and an index.

      Friends with Boys

      by Faith Erin Hicks

      May 2012

      Graphic Novels High

      $12.75  $5.00  Member Price
      Maggie's idyllic education ends when she goes from homeschool to high school. There, she faces dangers, new possibilities, and a chance to solve a ghostly mystery. Black-and-white illustrations.
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