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Who doesn't love a good laugh? We know your readers will enjoy a good comedy, so we've put together this special list of titles sure to make them laugh out loud!

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      by Andy Rash

      Nov 2018

      Humor Elementary Plus

      Andy Rash brings the laughs in this humorous story of a stinkbug who can't stink.
      Bud is a happy stinkbug, except when it comes to stinking contests.
      He always seems to lose to champions like P. U. Bottoms, Lord Stinkington, and The Fumigator.
      Every time they make smells like OUTHOUSE, GYM SOCK, and ARMPIT, poor Bud ends up smelling like FLOWERS, or FRESH-BAKED BREAD, or CANDY CANE.
      Stinking just isn't Bud's THING. But what IS his thing?
      With an ending as fresh as a daisy, and funnier than any funny smell, Andy Rash puts a hilarious spin on a tale of following your nose to happiness.
      Full-color illustrations created with a combination of gouache, ink, and digital techniques.

      Wedgie & Gizmo vs. the Toof

      by Suzanne Selfors

      Sep 2018

      Humor Elementary Plus

      Wedgie LOVES the new piglet next door. Gizmo, more skeptical, thinks the pig and Wedgie are conspiring to stop his evil-genius plan to take over the world.

      Long Live the Queen: A Blue in the Face Novel

      by Gerry Swallow

      Mar 2017

      Humor Elementary Plus

      In this rollicking sequel to Blue in the Face, Elspeth Pule returns to rescue her new friends from the clutches of an evil witch. Black-and-white illustrations.
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