Spell and Spindle

By: Michelle Schusterman

Illustrator: Kathrin Honesta

With string through a needle and a twist of a spindle, Penny is freed from her marionette body. But Chase is suddenly trapped in her puppet figure, unable to speak or move.

ISBN: 9780399550713

JLG Release: Sep 2018

Sensitive Areas: Violence
Topics: Marionettes , Puppets , Family life , Friendship , Siblings , Missing persons , Horror stories

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CCBC Choices 2019 Choice: Fiction for Children

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September 2018



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5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

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Level 5.5; Points: 8;

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Level 0; Points: 0;


Level 780L


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Marionettes, Puppets, Family life, Friendship, Siblings, Missing persons, Horror stories,

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