Trout Are Made of Trees

by April Pulley Sayre

Illustrations by Kate Endle

Autumn leaves fall into the river and turn soggy. Bacteria eat the leaves and algae soften them. Caddisflies shred and eat the leaves and algae. From leaves to bacteria to insects, the things we eat become a part of us. When a family goes fishing in a stream full of fallen leaves, the trout they eat are made of many plants and animals. Here is a simple look at the food chain. Full-color mixed-media collage. Resource list

ISBN: 9781580891370

JLG Release: February 2008

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    April Pulley Sayre combines lyrical writing with a love of science and nature. "In life, in science, in literature, I love connections. I love those aha! moments where you suddenly understand your small part in something large such as the water cycle, a food chain, or the sunrise. Yesterday I was knee deep in a stream exploring what fish, frogs, and aquatic insects live there. I love streams --the way they bubble, burble, twist, turn, and join. Trout Are Made of Trees is about how leaves fall into streams and are eaten by insects that are eaten by trout that are eaten by people and bears.

    "Living along an urban stream has taught me a lot. The trout in our stream need cool water. So keeping trees and plants along the stream, to shade it, is very important. A stream also needs freedom --to twist and turn. Boulders, fallen logs, and bends in streams create areas of fast flowing water, slow moving pools, and other habitats. Different creatures need each kind of habitat.

    "One day all these pieces of information connected for me in a deep way. I realized that the trout in the stream are, in a way, made of the leaves of the trees that shade it. Plus, the trees shape the stream and the life in the stream. They shade it and contribute branches that change the flow of the stream and give it variety.

    "Our stream connects to the St. Joseph River which flows into Lake Michigan and ultimately through the St. Lawrence River to the Atlantic. Through this small thread, I am connected to an ocean. Maybe through this book I will connect with rivers of readers, too. "

    April Pulley Sayre is the author of Vulture View, illustrated by Steve Jenkins, which is featured on page 33 of this catalog.

    Kate Endle holds a BFA in illustration from the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio. She is the illustrator of Bella and the Bunny by Andrew Larsen and What Do You Want to Be? by Kate Davis. Her illustrations have appeared in the magazines Sesame Street, Utne Reader, and Your Big Backyard as well as various magazines for Scholastic.

    Like April Pulley Sayre, Kate Endle was able to use personal experience as she worked on Trout Are Made of Trees. "I spent two years volunteering for the Seattle Aquarium. The volunteer job gave me special access to research materials, as well as a great visual reference for riverbeds and trout. "

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