Thanks from Happy Authors and Illustrators

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Thanking Those Who Thank Us
by Jeanette Rivard

Twice yearly, in February and again in August, JLG sends out award packets to the authors and illustrators of the books we have selected for the forthcoming span. Here is a sampling from the letter that is sent:

"Congratulations! In keeping with our goal of providing extraordinary reading experiences for children and young adults, [Title] has been awarded the designation, “A Junior Library Guild Selection” for our fall 2016 span.
The Junior Library Guild Selection designation is unique in that it is typically awarded so early—often in advance of publication. With its distinction as one of the first awards given, it is often viewed as a bellwether of future success.
It is our pleasure to provide you with the enclosed awards packet: a JLG lapel pin and a certificate suitable for framing."

I am always surprised and flattered by the flurry of responses we receive from the authors and illustrators once they have received their awards. The gratitude they feel is expressed in many ways: Social Media, email, and more often than I ever would have expected, a handwritten note! Since my signature is on the award letter, those emails and notes come directly to me. And here, we are sharing them with you.

Fish Girl
by David Wiesner and Donna Jo Napoli

I just got home from 7 weeks with my daughter's family (she has a 4 year old and new twins, born the day after we arrived), and I found the lovely news that FISH GIRL is a JLG selection. I'm delighted! Thank you so much. I will put this on my author website today.
Donna Jo


Pigs Might Fly
by Nick Abadzis
Illustrations by Jerel Dye

I just received via First Second your very kind letter and certificate announcing selection of Pigs Might Fly by myself and Jerel Dye for JLG titles in 2017. To say that this makes me happy is a huge understatement—I recall yours and your organization’s support of my last book for this same publisher, Laika.
Thank you so much, and may those pigs indeed take flight!
Kind regards,


Hatching Chicks in Room 6
by Caroline Arnold

I was so pleased to receive the awards packet for my book, Hatching Chicks in Room 6, which was forwarded to me by Charlesbridge. It is always an honor to have one of my books as a Junior Library Guild Selection. Thanks for the certificate and JLG pin, which I will proudly wear!
I am glad to see my book as a spring selection. It is the perfect time of year for a book about new chicks!
Thank you very much!
Caroline Arnold


by Patricia MacLachlan
Illustrated by Marc Boutavant

i just received your letter with the Barkus mention,
i’m happy the book has been selected,
i wish you to keep on doing good things,
à bientôt
and big hello from Paris !
Marc Boutavant


Making My Pitch: A Woman’s Baseball Odyssey
by Ila Jane Borders and Jean Hastings Ardell

Thank you so very much for your kind note and for the recognition of the book as a selection for your spring 2017 span. Ila and I will wear your button proudly and will be happy to join you on Facebook and Twitter.
Best regards,


Harry Miller’s Run
by David Almond
illustrations by Salvatore Rubbino

I’ve just received the letter with my Junior Library Guild Selection. Thank you so much. I am delighted, Thank you for your great work in bringing readers and writers together.
With best wishes to all at JLG,


Stumbling on History: An Art Project Compels
a Small German Town to Face Its Past

by Fern Schumer Chapman

I received the lapel pin and certificate today. Thank you! I'm thrilled that the Junior Library Guild has selected STUMBLING ON HISTORY for a spring 2017 title. You may remember that we corresponded in 2010 after JLG selected my book,
Fern Schumer Chapman


The Wearle: The Erth Dragons, #1
by Chris d’Lacey

I just wanted to thank you for selecting The Wearle as one of your Library Guild selections for spring 2017. It’s always a great boost for an author to receive any kind of recognition, especially when it comes from overseas in my case. I’ve toured twice in the States and always enjoyed the reception I’ve had. The Wearle is also one of my favourite books. So I’m doubly happy.
With best wishes from Devon, England,
Chris d’Lacey


A Face Like Glass
by Frances Hardinge

Many thanks for the letter, and for the lovely certificate and lapel pin! I'm very honoured to hear that A Face Like Glass is included in the JLG Selection for 2017. What wonderful news!
Best wishes, Frances



Island of Exiles
by Erica Cameron

Thank you, @jrlibraryguild, for the certificate and pin! I’m so honored that #IslandofExiles is a Spring 2017 selection. I’ll wear it with pride.


An Excessive Alphabet: Avalanches of As to Zillions of Zs
by Judi Barett
illustrations by Ron Barret

Avalanches of Thanks

Thank you so much for designating An Excessive Alphabet: Avalanches of A’s to Zillions of Z’s a Junior Library Guild Selection for 2016. I am honored and grateful. The certificate and lapel pin are the whipped cream and cherry on top. The pin is just what my vacant lapel will be looking for after the button of the candidate of my choice has been removed.
Regards, Ron Barrett


Real Cowboys
by Kate Hoefler
illustrated by Jonathan Bean

(The cowboys tip their hats too). ;)

Just wanted to thank you, again and again, for passing on such good news about Real Cowboys being a Junior Library Guild Selection. I feel so incredibly honored. What full-heart news! Thanks again. This means so much.
Warmly, Kate