Why JLG?

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The JLG gold standard—our stamp of approval. 

We are your collection partner, working to find the best children’s and young adult books to help you build and improve your library collection, delight young patrons, and provide a satisfy reading experiences for all ages and genres. We know you want books that circulate. So do we. That’s why we look for distinctive titles with child appeal and those that will surprise your readers.

Ours is a rigorous and comparative review process, similar to an award committee. We judiciously select 800+ titles from over 3000 manuscript submissions prior to publication. Presented with seven books on a particular subject, we look for the very best one. Our promise? Ninety-five percent of our selections earn starred or favorable reviews and win industry awards after publishers’ release. The JLG gold standard is our stamp of approval ensuring you are receiving the best books for your library.


Your choice, your way! 

JLG Club Members can order from 75 categories ranging from PreK to Adult Crossover books including fiction, nonfiction, mystery/adventure, humor, high-interest, paperbacks, Spanish-language, thrillers, and more. Choose from an existing package of our most popular categories or customize one with as many categories you prefer to meet your collection needs. It’s easy to add or remove categories to build the best collection for your library. 

Unlimited swap, unlimited substitutions – If you’re scheduled to receive a book that you already own or if a title doesn’t fit well into your collection, swap for a different book online—any category, any reading level—quickly and easily before your books ship. You can also join free monthly JLG Booktalks to learn about forthcoming books. 

Extra books when you need them most – We know more books are checked out in September and October. As a JLG Club Member, you can order from 41 Plus categories and receive two extra books in the fall. 

Replacement guaranteed – If you receive a title you already own, or a title that you do not wish to place in your library, you can return it for exchange at any time (exclusions apply). That’s our replacement guarantee.

*(Collection HQ Data, 2013-2014)


Pick your club level and receive a monthly supply of the best new books.

Similar to your favorite food-of-the-month club, you pick your level of club membership. With 75 categories to choose from, you will receive a box of just-picked children’s and young adult books for your collection all year long!

As easy as ONE! One order, one PO, one invoice­ – Your annual PO locks in a full year of best-books with just one invoice. Plus, we offer flexible invoicing options.

Free shipping – Your monthly JLG gold standard selections will ALWAYS ship for free.


Stretch your book collection budget.

Help with budget planning – With a JLG Club Membership, you can save up to 55% off publisher’s price! We’ll help you plan your annual collection development budget in advance and you can get started for as low as $77** a year! By selecting the categories that are right for you, you will be able to determine and manage your budget all year long. At the end of the year when your budget is spent, the newest books will keep on coming. 

Save up to 70% off on previously released books – Fill in your collection at a fraction of the cost. You can purchase previously released titles on our website at steep discounts. (As an added bonus, we will give you free standard MARC records!)

Delayed billing – If your budget for this year is already planned, take advantage of delayed billing so your invoice hits next year’s budget. 

Industry news and reviews at a discount – As a JLG Club Member, you can purchase a print subscription to School Library Journal, Library Journal or The Horn Book Magazine at these special discounts:

  • School Library Journal — $54/year subscription
  • Library Journal — $84/year subscription
  • The Horn Book Magazine — $39/year subscription
**Introductory price for new members.


Let our team be your team.

We know that at least a third of your time can be spent on collection development. We’d like to help save you time. Consider our team as an extension of your team. It’s like having your very own book review committee at your fingertips! We can help you take the guesswork out of deciding which new titles are worth purchasing for your library making it easier for you to concentrate on everything else you need to do. 


Bridge the library and the classroom.

Raise reading scores – Schools using a JLG Membership are 39% more likely to have greater than 90% of 7th graders reading at or above reading level and 40% more likely to have greater than 90% of all 8th graders reading at or above reading level.*** 

Align with common core and state standards – Rest assured, all JLG books are correlated to State and Common Core Standards for grades K–12 in language arts, math, science, and social studies—including the 50 U.S. States, the District of Columbia, U.S. National, all Canadian Provinces, and Common Core Standards. Correlation reports and a comprehensive list of JLG books correlated to standards are available on
our website.

***(Source: MDR eCPR analysis, winter 2015)


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